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Tam Chuc Pagoda is free to visit

Ha NamTo celebrate Buddha’s birthday, Tam Chuc Pagoda offers free cruises and vegetarian rice on May 15.

Tam Chuc, the largest temple in Vietnam, will free all boats and transportation to visit from 14:00 to 23:00 on May 15 to celebrate Buddha’s birthday. Tam Chuc National Tourist Area also does not charge an entrance fee.

At the event, Tam Chuc Pagoda distributed 10,000 vegetarian meals and free flowers to tourists and Buddhists from all over the world to attend the ceremony. In 2019, the flower lantern ceremony within the framework of the United Nations Vesak Celebration 2019 recorded the attendance of 10,000 people and more than 40,000 lanterns.

The sea of ​​flowers in front of Tam Chuc pagoda.  Photo: Tam Chuc KDL

The sea of ​​flowers in front of Tam Chuc pagoda. Image: Tam Chuc KDL

Buddha’s Birthday is one of the three biggest Buddhist festivals of the year. On this occasion, Tam Chuc Pagoda prays for the peace of the nation and people, and sends a message of peace to the world.

Tam Chuc is the largest pagoda in Vietnam, about 60 km from the center of Hanoi. This spiritual tourist area has a total area of ​​nearly 5,000 hectares, including a lake of 1,000 hectares, natural mountains and forests of 3,000 hectares, valleys of 1,000 hectares.


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