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The “antiques” are still for sale by Apple in 2022-Hi-tech fashion

Monday, May 9, 2022 09:00 AM (GMT+7)

Until 2022, these old products have not been completely wiped out by Apple.

The interesting thing is that this year, the Apple Watch Series 3 – launched in 2017 is still on store shelves, including the Vietnamese market. Meanwhile, the iPhone X – announced in the same year is no longer officially sold. In addition to this product, Apple still sells other old devices, confusing many people.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple is still selling Apple Watch Series 3. This is a good choice for those who have never owned an Apple Watch before with a very attractive price, only from 4.99 million. However, the user experience getting with the Apple Watch Series 3 in 2022 is not the best.

The "antiques"  still for sale by Apple in 2022 - 1

Apple Watch Series 3.

Unlike the Apple Watch SE, which only lacks premium features like an always-on display and electrocardiogram, the Apple Watch Series 3 is pretty outdated by today’s standards. The product’s display remains the same as the first Apple Watch – more square, with large bezels, and lacks support for some watch faces on the latest versions of watchOS.

Plus, the Apple Watch Series 3 has another big problem: the 32-bit S3 chip. It’s also the only Apple Watch out there that’s still based on the older architecture, as the Apple Watch Series 4 and later already have a 64-bit chip. While the nearly five-year-old watch still runs watchOS 8, it’s unclear if they’ll last for another year of updates.

And yet, the GPS version only has 8GB of internal memory, making it difficult for users to store data, especially when trying to install software updates on the watch.

iPod touch

A long time ago, Apple released a new iPod touch every year – matching the iPhone. The seventh generation iPod touch was introduced in 2019 with the same A10 chip as the iPhone 7 and no design changes. And the product line has stopped altogether since then.

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iPod touch.

However, Apple still sells this iPod touch model. The 4-inch screen with an old chip and poor battery life make the device less than ideal for gaming, and it doesn’t even have Touch ID on the home button for Apple Pay.

Many people think that the iPod is still suitable for children or new iOS users. However, their price is very controversial when the 128GB version costs 299 USD (equivalent to 6.86 million VND) while the new iPhone SE also has the same price.

Apple TV HD

Finally, the fourth generation Apple TV, also known as Apple TV HD is still for sale by “Bad Apple”. The situation here is similar to the Apple Watch Series 3 – a product from 5 years ago did not provide the best experience.

The "antiques"  still for sale by Apple in 2022 - 4

Apple TV HD.

The Apple TV HD currently priced at $149 is a bit expensive for a 2017 device that could be discontinued at any time. Perhaps Apple should stop selling the Apple TV HD and focus on more powerful models or discount them for people who just want to own a streaming device.

Apple sells but does not encourage users to buy?

In fact, Apple does not want users to buy these products. As proof, none of these products are displayed in stores. If you want an Apple Watch Series 3 or iPod touch, you need to ask a salesperson.

The "antiques"  still for sale by Apple in 2022 - 5

Apple knows these products are obsolete, so why continue to sell and support them? Fans still don’t have answers about the Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV HD, but perhaps the brand doesn’t want to give up the iPod brand, even if it’s an outdated product that no one cares about.

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