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Tired of getting married because often “solicited” to be a sugar baby

Many times, I have been solicited to be my daughter, I take care of her”, many young girls have gradually lost their faith in getting married.

Constantly being “solicited” to be a Sugar Baby

As a final year student at a university in Hanoi, Anh Thu said that many times she received invitations to be a “sugar baby”.

To prove the sharing on Anh Thu, open a message from Mr. C. (39 years old), owner of a building materials company in Hanoi city, sent it to me with loving words: “What do you need? tell me, do you like this house, that car? I have everything I need, I don’t have to worry about making money and working hard.”

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The relationship “Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby” comes from a loose, irresponsible lifestyle (Artwork).

Mr. Thu shared that she knew Mr. C. through her part-time job. From simply knowing him, he asked her to be a “sugar baby” even though he had a wife and two young children at home. Due to her young age, Thu felt a little worried, even scared, with such suggestions.

Not only Mr. C, Thu with his tall, white appearance and good speech, has received many solicitations from the “rainy brothers” with the promise of being ready to take care of her, possibly giving her a job. stabilize after graduating from school, house and car… as long as she accepts the invitation to be her “baby girl”.

Meanwhile, Thanh Tam – a preschool teacher once fell into a situation of crying and laughing when she was frequently solicited by the students’ parents to be a “sugar baby”.

“I am a person with no appearance, my face is only good-looking, not too prominent, I am not too refined in my appearance, but I have been solicited to be the “mistress” of students’ parents a couple of times. “, Ms. Tam shared.

The case that shocked her the most was that the husband of a colleague, after a few social meetings, took the initiative to ask her to be his “mistress”: “We’re just having fun, and he’s still taking care of his wife. child”. At that time, he had a model family, his wife was also the beauty of the school.

All of that makes her feel very sad, she can’t explain how men who are already husbands and fathers can be so irresponsible, lethargic, and easy to date. . She then actively blocked all contact with this colleague’s brother-in-law.

She frankly stated her point of view, that she is well-educated, has a career, can take care of herself, does not need to depend on anyone. However, after encountering many such offers, she is very disturbed, loses faith in men and is bored at the thought of getting married.

Is the “sugar baby” trap really sweet?

“Adopted father – adopted child” is no longer a new trend in the world. These are special, consensual romantic relationships, usually between older men who can afford to support them, and young girls who need money to make ends meet, wanting to live the luxurious lives that they themselves deserve. incapable of performing.


Sugar Baby – Sugar Daddy is a love relationship that forgets age or transforms prostitution (Illustration image)

The “sugar babies” will be provided by the “sugar daddys”, in return for obedience, professional care, and wholeheartedness. True love for each other may not be there, but sugar daddys are always guaranteed to receive a feeling of pampering, love and service.

The relationship “sugar baby – sugar daddy” is actually a variation of the previous “boyfriend – prostitute” relationship. When search groups for “sugar baby” flourished online under the leadership of professional sex brokers and were actually a variation of prostitution.


Many groups are set up to “connect” sugar daddys with sugar babies in the form of disguised prostitution.

The “sugar baby – sugar” group consists of sex workers, the administrator is often a broker who can also sell sex. The “sugar daddy” group includes people who want to buy sex including sugar daddy, sugar mommy, group administrators are also professional brokers, they can join many different groups to lead when searching people in need.

Sugar babies through secret groups will seek out sugar daddy offers with hot, revealing photos. This variable relationship has many potential risks and dangers for participants because in fact, these closed groups are often a fertile ground for professional sex workers.

Participants very easily become victims of blackmail threats when being videotaped or recorded. Bad guys can use this wall-turning service to cheat to appropriate property, rape, even threaten the victim’s spirit and life.

Doctor, Lawyer Dang Van Cuong – Head of Chinh Phap Law Office (Hanoi Bar Association) said that this Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationship is not only a perverted prostitution activity, but also an impact. negative social morality.

According to Lawyer Dang Van Cuong, this perverted prostitution activity has grown strongly in recent times when subjects use social networking tools to find partners, in addition to “Tu” grandpa”, “Tu Ba”, operating prostitution lines in the form of “sugar father” and “baby”.

According to a lawyer from the Fa-rectification Office, if the traditional act of buying sex and selling sex often takes place in the form of “peeling and paying”, sex buyers and sellers are unlikely to ever meet again, then with the act of buying selling sex in the style of “sugar father” and “sugar baby” usually they will maintain a long-term relationship of buying and selling sex.

This legal expert said that the “sugar daddy and sugar baby” relationship is not only a perverted prostitution activity, but also has a negative impact, deviating from social moral values.

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