Today, Russia celebrates the 77th anniversary of Victory Day

With the participation of about 11,000 servicemen, more than 130 military equipment, 77 planes and helicopters, the parade on Red Square is the main event of Victory Day on May 9. The number of soldiers and equipment is less than last year.

The parade began with the hoisting of the Russian flag and Victory Banner, followed by a minute of remembrance honoring the heroes who died in the Great Patriotic War.

Today, Russia celebrates the 77th anniversary of Victory Day - 1

Weapons take part in the rehearsal to prepare for the Victory Parade in Moscow.

The parade blocks will then pass through Red Square one by one, including the contingents of officers, non-commissioned officers, servicemen and military cadets of military units as well as other law enforcement forces of the country. Russia. Next, a fleet of Russian motorized vehicles will appear.

Russian media reported that this year’s parade will feature Typhoon military vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2, BMP-3 and Kurganets-25, tanks T-72BZM, T-90M “Proruv” ” and T-14 Armata, Iskander-M combat missiles, Msta-S self-propelled howitzers, Tornado-G MLRSs, Tor-M2, Buk-MZ and S-400 Triumph air defense systems, parachute equipment and strategic missile, Uran-9 shock robot mounted on a truck.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, across Russia, this year’s Victory Day parades will be held in 28 cities with a total of nearly 65,000 people, about 2,400 military equipment, and more than 460 aircraft participating. .

Earlier, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russia will celebrate Victory Day in the way it has always done.

This is the holiest holiday in our country“, said Mr. Peskov.

This year’s parade will take place in the context of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

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