TPBank Biz – A product that keeps the unique qualities of a leading technology bank

Setting the goal of becoming a “giant” in the retail segment, TPBank has taken different steps, creating its own identity and personality for the banking brand 10 years ago by choosing to develop in the direction of banking. technology goods. Recently, this bank has made a big “bump” when it launched TPBank Biz application – a digital technology platform “make in TPBank” built and developed by the bank’s own staff. This decision shows the creativity, intelligence and talent of TPBank people to offer the best solutions for customers.

Walk differently, create your own identity

Alex Jimenez, an expert from the Rockland Trust, said that with the development of financial technology, each bank must change its products, services, how to interact with customers, and apply technology to Core Banking to create the fastest, most convenient experience possible. “The biggest problem that banks need to solve today is answering the question of whether they have applied technology fast enough, good enough,” said Alex Jimenez.

TPBank has worked with many leading technology partners in the world. The option of buying solutions and hiring foreign partners can immediately meet the professional requirements, modern technology platform, in line with world trends. However, after a rigorous selection process, TPBank found a solution to its problem when it decided to build its own TPBank Biz platform.

Mr. Bui Quang Cuong – Deputy General Director and Head of Information Technology Division of TPBank said: “The problems they built are very good, but they are not suitable for TPBank’s customers and the Vietnamese market. Moreover, If we hire these partners, the product will not be much different from other banks, easy to copy, and will also incur many costs to customize and change the business flow to match the characteristics of TPBank. “

Unlike the digital banking platform for individual customers, the digital banking platform for corporate customers is a difficult and complex problem. There, strong enough investment is needed, building a value chain around digitization, creating products and services, and adding value to customers based on technology.

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TPBank Biz was honored to receive Sao Khue award thanks to the unique values ​​of the product

TPBank Biz is an effective synergy between teams and personnel at TPBank – who have many years of experience in implementing digital products, understand customer behavior as well as technology. “Usually, it takes 2-3 years to deploy the same digitization system at other banks, but at TPBank, it only takes 11 months from the moment of deciding to build the system to launching the product,” Mr. Cuong added.

It can be said that the self-built TPBank Biz platform gives TPBank an advantage in the process of maintenance, operation, upgrading, initiative in development, bringing a product closer to Vietnamese enterprises, best service for customers.

What is special about TPBank Biz?

TPBank Biz – a digital banking platform dedicated to businesses has almost all the features of a traditional bank operating 24/7, with no limitations on space and time, meeting a variety of purposes of the bank. customer. Built on a modular foundation with today’s most outstanding technologies such as Microservices, Containers…, TPBank Biz allows optimizing up to 50% of processing time, and increasing stability by 10 times compared to other technologies. previous version. TPBank Biz is also one of the few banking platforms using Open API – a method to link enterprise applications with banking applications to exchange data in electronic banking transactions.

Not stopping there, a series of modern technologies are put into the platform by TPBank to reduce load and support customer care: virtual assistants can be ready to serve 24/7 hundreds of customers at the same time; Customers can make periodic payment orders, periodically transfer money, transfer/receive money via phone number with the execution time taking only 1-3 minutes.

TPBank Biz also owns a digital ecosystem with more than 30 partners including: Fintechs, E-Commerce, Invoice Providers or Payment Services, to provide customers with a full recharge utility. money, pay bills, buy goods online to E-wallet service.

Thanks to the technological content and uniqueness of products, TPBank Biz digital banking platform has just been honored to receive the Sao Khue Award – an award awarded by the Vietnam Software and Information Technology Services Association (VINASA). .

With a variety of utilities, TPBank Biz is oriented to be TPBank’s spearhead product in digitizing banking transactions of corporate customers as well as demonstrating the bank’s commitment to constantly innovating to improve customer satisfaction. provide innovative solutions to customers.


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