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US and G7 launch new sanctions, President Putin speaks out

Radio ABC News reported that the new round of sanctions by the US and the G7 group includes a number of measures to paralyze three Russian state-controlled television stations, Channel 1, Russia-1 and NTV.

The three stations will be cut off from access to technology such as video cameras, microphones, lighting equipment and software services. The US also banned domestic companies from sponsoring ads for three Russian TV stations.

New restrictions also apply to wood products, industrial engines, motors and bulldozers.

The US and G7 launched new sanctions, President Putin spoke - Photo 1.

Smoke rises after an explosion at the Azovstal steel plant in Ukraine. Photo: Reuters

The new round of sanctions was announced after G7 leaders held an online summit with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Russia can try to produce these ingredients domestically, but the purpose (of the new round of sanctions) is to make it difficult for them commercially, unprofitable and to create an additional burden on the state. Russia” – a senior official in the administration of US President Joe Biden said.

In addition, the G7 is committed to eliminating or banning Russian oil imports.

The new round of sanctions also prohibits any individual from the United States from providing accounting, trust, business establishment and management consulting services to individuals in Russia.

The United States is imposing about 2,600 visa restrictions on Russian and Belarusian officials, and is implementing a new policy of visa restrictions on Russian military officials and “Russian-backed” officials. alleged to be related to human rights abuses, violations of international humanitarian law or corruption in Ukraine.

Promtekhnologiya LLC, a company that manufactures rifles and weapons used by Russian forces in Ukraine, is also under US sanctions. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) has suspended export permits for special nuclear materials, auxiliary materials and deuterium (heavy hydrogen) to Russia.

Confident Russian President

On May 8, in a speech congratulating the countries of the former Soviet Union on the 77th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, Russian President Vladimir Putin said: “Today, soldiers are Our country is fighting side by side to liberate our homeland from fascism with the belief that, as in 1945, victory will be ours… Wishing all Ukrainians a future of peace and justice. equal”.

On May 9, Moscow will officially celebrate its victory over Nazi Germany with a large-scale military parade.

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