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Vietnamese men have “little boys” among the shortest in the world

A unit specializing in men’s health in the UK has just released the ‘Pile Size Ranking’ of countries after analyzing Google data from 86 countries. The index used to sort this number is the length of a man’s penis when erect.

In this ranking, Vietnamese men are in the group of 10 countries with the shortest penis size, with a figure of 11.47cm. The last place belongs to neighboring Cambodia brothers, with a penis length measurement of 10.04cm.

Most of the countries in the top group are in Africa and America, in which the top of the “big list” is Ecuadorian gentlemen with a size of up to 17.61cm.

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Size chart of “little guy” according to a recent survey. Source: Mars

According to the survey’s author, most men are very concerned about the size of their genitals and worry about whether it meets the “standard”. This often affects their confidence, especially in sexual activities.

Is the size of the “small boy” of Vietnamese men really too small?

According to gynecologist Nguyen Ba Hung, Hanoi Hospital of Andrology and Infertility, to date, to determine the size of the “small penis” of Vietnamese men, three authors have surveyed and given three different results. :

– According to a survey from about 10 years ago by TS.BS Nguyen Thanh Nhu and associates (HCMC), the penis of Vietnamese men has a rather modest size of 11.2cm in length when active.

– Survey on penis size of adult Vietnamese by Assoc.TS.BS. Nguyen Quang in 2019 (At Viet Duc Hospital), this number is 11.1cm.

– The report of Dr. Nguyen Hoai Bac (Hanoi Medical University) gives an impressive figure: 14.67cm.

“So, if you update the size of the “small penis” of Vietnamese men and compare it with the size chart of this part of the world media, the Vietnamese men are not too much inferior,” said Dr. Ba Hung said.

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Many men obsess about their “uncle” size. (Illustration)

In fact, the doctor’s medical examination for more than 20 years shows that the penis size or the height of Vietnamese people is still ranked in the top and bottom ranks in the world.

“Despite the size difference between academia and the media, because the authors published above only studied a small group of subjects, not representing the whole country, there is a In fact (by my subjective feelings) it seems that the size of the “penis” of young people has become larger and longer than before, perhaps due to many effects such as better nutrition, earlier sexual experience. .. That is probably also a factor explaining why young people today hit puberty earlier,” said Dr. Hung.

However, according to the doctor, not every early activity will make the “small penis” bigger, early activity but abuse can cause the genitals to be “ripe” and cause a lot of consequences (such as high and low, infatuated with lust, forgetting to study, affecting the future…).

How important is the size of the penis?

Normally, body size reaches its maximum after puberty (about 19-20 years old) and the penis also reaches its largest size around that age.

Quite a few adult men think their “brothers” are smaller than average and this obsession can affect their love life. Meanwhile, women have a completely different view.

In a survey of more than 52,000 men and women, 85% of the wives/partners said that they were satisfied with their partner’s penis size while just over half of the men. 55%) think that this part of themselves is not big enough.

According to Dr. Nguyen Ba Hung, when it comes to sexual ability as well as reproduction, the size of the “small penis” is not the only determining factor.

“Usually, in long-term relationships like husband and wife, women do not compare their husband’s “that” with others. In fact, just because a person has a “big” size does not mean that they can bring a fulfilling sex life to their partner. The important thing is how the “little guy” works and its owner has the mentality and knows how to listen and share to know what his woman wants and has enough skills and techniques to lead ” the other half “to the peak of sublimation or not”, the doctor analyzed.

For cases where the genitals are too small, affecting normal functions, according to Dr. Hung, now, with the development of modern medicine, there are many effective ways to overcome them. After examining and determining the cause, your doctor can guide you with drug treatment or surgical intervention.

“Absolutely do not arbitrarily follow word of mouth or share online to apply ways to enlarge the penis by means of lack of scientific basis or using drugs of unknown origin,” the doctor recommended.

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