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Vietnamese stars after divorce are rare “new people”

People’s Artist of Justice

People’s Artist Cong Ly and Thao Van fell in love after the show Meet at weekend and quickly became a beautiful couple in the entertainment industry. After that, the two shared a house at the end of 2003, when Cong Ly experienced a boat trip. The marriage between Thao Van and Cong Ly once made many people admire and wish. However, the couple “went their separate ways” after 6 years of living together and had a son together.

In early 2021, Cong Ly “walked another step” with his girlfriend Ngoc Ha, 15 years younger than him. In many blessings, people pay attention to Thao Van’s attitude. The female MC was happy, witty sharing on her ex-husband’s Facebook that: “First of all, Tit’s father. Congratulations, Dad, Titus”. After that, Thao Van also often sent gifts to the couple Cong Ly – Ngoc Ha.

Vietnamese stars have new wives - ex-wives are close to each other!  - Photo 4.

The current wife of People’s Artist Cong Ly and MC Thao Van makes many people admire for their civilized behavior. Photo: Channel 14

Talking about her husband’s ex-wife, Ms. Ngoc Ha said: “Brother Ly, Ms. Van and I – it’s an intimate and sincere relationship, not a relationship painted in public. What’s the point of painting? where… When we are civilized people, we will have to know how to handle and act a relationship comfortably. Don’t try to force it when we’re not happy. Because we have too much chaos, worry”.

When artist Cong Ly was undergoing treatment, it was Thao Van who always encouraged Ngoc Ha, hoping she would have more spirit to overcome pressure and fatigue.

Actor Chi Bao

Chi Bao and Hong Loan – his second wife got married in 2001. Having lived together for more than 1 year, Hong Loan was not satisfied with family life when other pink balls flirted with her husband. At first, she was also jealous, but then gradually opened her heart and understood more for her husband’s work. However, in 2019, the couple “went their separate ways” but still shared that they are always friends who help each other.

After terminating her marriage with Hong Loan, Chi Bao announced her new girlfriend Ly Thuy Chang – the daughter of a wealthy business family in Hanoi. Sharing about this love, the couple said that because they have been close friends for more than 10 years, when determining love, both will have more understanding and trust in each other. And yet, there are many hobbies between Chi Bao and Ly Thuy Chang.

Vietnamese stars have new wives - ex-wives are close to each other!  - Photo 9.

Chi Bao and his new wife comfortably met his ex-wife. Photo: FBNV

Recently, the public was quite surprised by the photo frame of Chi Bao’s “new family” and “old person” sitting on an extremely intimate dining table. It turned out that this was an opportunity for the eldest to show off his cooking skills to entertain the whole family. Hong Loan and Ly Thuy Chang sat opposite each other, both smiling comfortably and happily.

Composer Quoc Trung

In 1991, Diva Thanh Lam married musician Quoc Trung. In this marriage, Thanh Lam and he have 2 children. The period of marriage with Quoc Trung is the most brilliant moment in the singer’s career and it is also thanks to Thanh Lam that the name Quoc Trung is known to the audience. Not only a couple in family life, Thanh Lam – Quoc Trung is also a really perfect couple in music.

However, the two decided to divorce after 10 years of being together and even though they broke up, Thanh Lam and Quoc Trung still kept in touch for the sake of their children. Many years after the breakup, when talking about the divorce decision, Thanh Lam often admits his fault. She said that at that time she was shallow and lacked maturity.

Vietnamese stars have new wives - ex-wives are close to each other!  - Photo 14.

Thanh Lam behaves politely to the new wife of musician Quoc Trung. (Photo: TL)

On the opening day of Thanh Lam’s spa, many people were surprised to see that among the guests, there was also the new wife of musician Quoc Trung. She holds a large bouquet of flowers to congratulate the Vietnamese music diva. Thanh Lam freely called her ex-husband’s “new person” Lan and invited her to take a photo together like a longtime close friend. Asked about his relationship with his wife Quoc Trung, Thanh Lam did not shy away but was very open. She said, usually ex-wife – new wife can hardly see each other’s faces because of the envy of women. However, there is no such thing between her and Quoc Trung’s current wife.

Singer Bang Kieu

Famous as a happy couple of Vietnamese showbiz, Bang Kieu and Trizzie Phuong Trinh, after announcing their divorce 9 years ago, have always maintained a good relationship as friends. Although each has a separate life, but on special occasions, the two still happily appear with their children, from birthdays, the day they enter school, their children’s concerts, the traditional New Year’s Day, the outings. , travel…

In a sharing, Trizzie Phuong Trinh revealed that the reason for the breakup was because of opposite interests and views on life: “At that time, I was still young, so I loved my children more than my husband. While Mr. Kieu sang all day long. , and I stay at home to take care of the children, when I come home, I want to relax and tell me that I have to go here and there, but I am afraid …”.

Vietnamese stars have new wives - ex-wives are close to each other!  - Photo 19.

Bang Kieu and Trizzie Phuong Trinh are like good friends. FBNV’s photo

When Bang Kieu and Duong My Linh were still together, on their personal page, Trizzie Phuong Trinh often posted pictures of them together, very happy and close to Bang Kieu and Duong My Linh. This picture surprised many people, but Bang Kieu himself also explained that: “I – Duong My Linh and Trizzie Phuong Trinh take a lot of pictures together! The love story between us is still very normal, not like that. Where do people think?”

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