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What to prepare for a summer motorbike trip?

1. Motorcycle rides and vehicle-related paraphernalia

– Basic motorcycle repair kit such as patches, pumps, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers…

– Rearview mirror: Should install both mirrors to make it easier to observe and avoid being stopped by traffic police

– Change a new oil bottle for the car to run healthier, not overheat

– Increase the chain or replace the new chain if it is too old

– Check the tire if it is too worn, it should be changed because it is not safe to go on a long, slippery road

– Replace the worn brake pads because the brakes are used a lot on road trips

– It is possible to add a specialized car light when traveling to have more light when traveling at night.

What to prepare for a summer motorbike trip?  - Photo 1.

Take good care of your motorbike – a companion during your trip

2. Motorcycle rides and personal belongings

– A set of protective gear when traveling including: helmet, sunglasses, knee elbow cover, gloves, luminous clothes when going at night…

– Bring a sleeping tent, sleeping bag if you want to enjoy the natural space

– A rain suit is indispensable

– Map and compass in case the phone runs out of battery, no internet

– Ropes, flashlights, lighters, a small knife…are not superfluous items

– Towels, toothpaste, brushes, shampoos, soaps….

– Food and drink

– Identity documents: Registration- driver’s license, ID card, passport (if crossing the border)

Money is definitely an indispensable thing wherever you go.

What to prepare for a summer motorbike trip?  - Photo 2.

Personal items that need to be prepared when going on a trip

3. First aid kit, medicine

The effect of a medical kit is obvious: it helps you take care of your health and give yourself first aid in the event of an accident. Indispensable things include medicine for common ailments, pain relievers, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, gauze…

What to prepare for a summer motorbike trip?  - Photo 3.

Medical first aid kit

4. Health

Phở is for experience and discovery, not a vacation, so you need to have a good and stable health because the long distance will be quite tiring, plus the influence of sunshine and rain of the weather.

In particular, backpacking is to change the atmosphere and enjoy new lands, not to take the achievement of going fast and traveling a lot, so you need to clearly define your purpose to have the most meaningful and safe trip. .

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