Withdrawal, transfer only takes 2 minutes

Recently, as noted by the Lao newspaper, the Center for Research and Application of Population Data and Citizenship Identity (Ministry of Public Security) has piloted the application of chip cards to replace ATM cards at some bank branches. row.

Accordingly, the chip-mounted CCCD card will be scanned on ATM to compare information with bank data instead of the traditional way of using a password to confirm account holder information. After that, the next step of confirmation is biometrics (facial recognition, fingerprint) to increase reliability and limit the case of forgery.

In fact, some banks have long implemented withdrawals at ATMs without a card, but by using a digital banking application on a smartphone. However, the limitation of this solution is that each bank has a separate application and data.

When deploying ATM withdrawals with a chip-mounted CCCD, people do not need to depend on too many digital banking applications of banks, just need a chip-mounted CCCD card to be able to withdraw money, transfer money…

In fact, the chip-attached CCCD card feature that can withdraw money from ATMs reflects the trend of chip-based CCCD cards gradually playing an “all-in-one” role, not only integrating personal information, public services but also personal information. services of many businesses, based on the core foundation of information and personal data.

Since then, instead of having too many cards and papers in each citizen’s wallet, they gradually come to only need 1 CCCD card (ID Card), but at the same time can replace driver’s license, health insurance card, etc. Social insurance books, bank cards, birth certificates, domestic degrees, income tax information…

Only with the “all-in-one” chip-mounted CCCD card, people can also register and use public administrative services as well as private services.

This can also be said to be an important and core digital transformation, in the direction of “all-in-one” on CCCD cards, with high security and harder to fake.

The chip-based CCCD card has full technical and technological features, deploying utilities to turn into a “master card” – a card of all types of cards, integrating all personal information, data and services. public services and related private services in society.

Using 1 card for many services not only brings people more convenience and less hassle, but also saves resources for society, from individuals to organizations and businesses.

Withdraw cash at ATMs with CCCD chip to reduce the risk of fraud

On May 9, talking with Tuoi Tre Online, a representative of C06 said that only Citizen ID with chipPeople can withdraw cash at the bank’s ATM. Thus, to withdraw cash at ATMs, people have one more form without needing a bank card or using a QR code on a digital banking application.

In particular, the use of chip-based citizen IDs when withdrawing cash at ATMs also helps to minimize the risk of card forgery, ensuring safety in financial transactions.

According to C06, the implementation of the Citizen ID application with chips to replace bank cards is being piloted with a number of large banks and some points in Hanoi and Quang Ninh.

Some people have also experienced the feature of withdrawing money with chip-based Citizen ID at some banks. It is expected that in the near future, this form of cash withdrawal will be expanded throughout the banking system.

Also sharing with the above newspaper, Mr. Do Manh Hung – a customer who participated in the event and experienced the transaction – shared: “In the past, every time I made a transaction at the bank, I had to present my ID card for the bank staff to check. Checking information as well as having to fill in the declaration form by hand, the process and waiting takes about 10-15 minutes on average and is easy to fill in wrong information.

However, today, using a chip-based citizen ID to verify information on BIDV’s automatic teller machine, all information on my citizen ID is automatically recognized and compared by the bank’s system. Fully automatic, accurate, making transactions very fast, simple and convenient. Deposit and withdraw money without using a card and transfer money within 2 minutes.

According to the assessment of the Ministry of Public Security, the application of CCCD for automatic banking transactions will further assist in administrative procedures, reduce the risk of account forgery, errors when transferring or withdrawing cash.

In addition to CCCD application in banking transactions, now, people can also use chip card or VNEID application instead of health insurance card when visiting for medical examination and treatment at some facilities.


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