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15-year-old son Anh Thu is 1m84 tall, looking at his mother U40 has a sharp stomach groove and is drunk

Anh Thu is a famous actress and supermodel of Vietnamese showbiz about ten years ago. She spends a lot of time focusing on taking care of her children and running her own business. Not long ago, long legs had a showbiz comeback and immediately received special attention and support from the public.

Recently, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the beauty has just posted a photo taken in the past with her son attached to wishes to the mothers, the aunts immediately received many great interactions.

15-year-old son Anh Thu is 1m84 tall, looking at his mother U40 has a sharp abdomen and is drunk - 1

Anh Thu was born in 1982, is a supermodel at the same time as Xuan Lan, Thanh Hang, Than Thuy Ha. “First Vedette” raised her son alone, but always kept her fresh, radiant and very active features on social networks.

The picture of mother and daughter in the past was a big surprise because little Tieu Long is now 15 years old and started to show off as a hot boy. The child enjoys the mother’s dominant gene and proper care and nutrition, so even though he hasn’t reached the age of 18, he is 1m84 tall.

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The gentleman’s super-long legs are incessantly admiring. The boy is taller than the supermodel mother wearing clogs.

Tieu Long grew up and was taken by his mother to attend a number of entertainment events and recently even let him participate in a catwalk casting. The rapid growth of the supermodel’s quarter received many hearts from the public. Looking at the kid, perhaps many people realize that the 15-year-old boy’s physique and height inherited a lot from his mother.

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Anh Thu came back as the judge of The Face Vietnam and appeared with the “top notch” interface. She invests in both make-up, hairdo and extremely well-dressed.

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The standard body of “First Vedette” can hardly be drowned in even the behind-the-scenes photos.

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Entering the age of 40 and experiencing 1 birth, how many people can keep this slim body, toned abs like a female supermodel?

Looking at the photos of the beautiful people’s events was pleasing to the eye, watching the picture of her wearing a swimsuit and dropping her figure was even more convincing. On her personal page, she often shares many calls and encouragements for women to practice posing. Perhaps that’s why in any shooting angle, the beauty is beautiful, sexy and jealous.

Anh Thu slimmed down during the recent beach holiday. Wearing a swimsuit or open back bodycon dress, the lady also cleverly showed off her proud body beauty.

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The former beauty also had many controversial times when she wore lingerie to show her sexy body. Who has reached middle age and is still as bold and confident as the lady?

To own the current “ten thousand people” body, in addition to regular gym exercises, Anh Thu also focuses on diet. The beauty believes that this is a contributing factor to improving health, especially for art people like her. But the actress born in 1982 admits that the spirit is still important.

15-year-old son Anh Thu is 1m84 tall, looking at his mother U40 has a sharp abdomen and is drunk - 3

Anh Thu shows off her “full HD” abs in the gym. She distributes exercises evenly to muscle groups in the body, completely not giving up on upper body exercises.

The female supermodel once shared the secret to regaining her newborn shape by drinking fruit juice. After being pregnant with baby Tieu Long, Anh Thu said she gained up to 30kg and felt stressed. But by the 5th month, she began to follow a special diet, starting with drinking pure orange juice.

During 1 week, Anh Thu did not eat or drink anything other than orange juice. After that, she started a diet with minced meat porridge, ate little and divided into many small meals for 4-5 days before eating normally again. With 2 weeks of following this special diet, Anh Thu lost 4 kg and continued to lose more in the following days. By the 7th month, she had regained her standard figure as a girl.

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