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4 low-paying jobs with no money

In 2021 due to the outbreak of the epidemic, many university graduates were unable to do internships or apply for jobs. Many large enterprises also had to fall into bankruptcy, so finding a job that was already difficult is becoming more and more scarce. Especially young people who have no work experience, they are worried that they will be slower than their peers or are afraid of not making money, so they have searched for something, just need to earn money, they will be ready to do it, no any selection.

Finding a job is indeed about making money, and this mentality is also very encouraging, but if you only go to work for the sake of making money, plunging into jobs with no future, you are not only wasting your time. yourself, but it can also affect your future.

Don’t think you’re too young to be wrong, that’s also true, but be as wrong as possible. To limit unnecessary mistakes, here are 4 jobs that “rookies” should not engage in, low wages do not say, and have no money.

1. Work damages relationships

There are some jobs that look great, can even strengthen your communication skills, but vice versa, it is very bad for your relationships.

For example, in marketing, this type of sales often requires employees to promote the company’s products among friends, sometimes even needing to sell them to the employees’ own friends.

Not to mention whether you can sell goods to relatives and friends, it will make them feel very uncomfortable if you keep advertising products to friends like that. Those who understand you will not say anything, but those who do not understand you will probably reject you forever.

If so, your network of relationships will become smaller and smaller because of this type of work.

2. The job does not have the opportunity to develop, it is easy to be replaced

The most competitive thing in work is originality, if you find a job with high replaceability, sooner or later you will be fired. In other words, if you’re doing a job that everyone can do, you won’t be able to compete, every day could be the day you get fired. Therefore, you cannot do this job all your life.

Parents should not let their children do these 4 jobs, low wages and no money, engaged in will be eliminated soon - Photo 1.

There are many jobs that are highly substituted, such as assembly line worker, service worker, salesperson, salesperson, etc. This type of work does not require a high level of education and does not require too much experience.

3. Work is too stable

Everyone has their own purpose of finding a job, some people are worried about the immediate life, others for long-term development goals, so a stable job has become the basic criterion for many job seekers.

After all, no one wants to have to support a family with a precarious job, so they prefer a steady growth job, but when your job is too stable, you will gradually get used to the stabilize this and become “frog in a pot of warm water”.

Over time, your spirit will also decline. If the person who wants to find a stable job is a middle-aged person, then it is understandable, middle-aged people are older and younger, raising a family is the most important thing of all.

But if you are young and choose a stable job because you like to enjoy life or arranged by your parents, you may regret it later.

I have a friend named Bang, after graduating from high school, he started working in a company with a salary of 6 million, although not very high but also quite stable. Every day, he just does some simple office administrative work, such as helping to organize documents, etc.

Moreover, this job is not too busy, he can take advantage of his free time to take care of his family, but recently, his company had to lay off employees, and Mr. Bang was unfortunately injured. fired because he was the most uncompetitive. Because his mind is completely out of work, leading to loss of competitiveness in the workplace, even if he goes out to find a job elsewhere, it is still very difficult to get a job because His age is no longer young, nor is his ability inherently nothing special.

Everyone longs for a stable job, likes a job with a lot of money but little work, if possible, the closer to home the better, but if there is such a job, will it still be your turn?

Moreover, a job that is too stable will be a waste of young people’s time, because there is no job that is both stable and easy with high salary.

4. Jobs that trade health for money

Youth trades health for money, old age for money in return for health, so you absolutely must not do jobs that trade health for money.

Parents should not let their children do these 4 jobs, with low wages and no money, engaged in will be eliminated soon - Photo 2.

Currently, jobs are rampant with many different types of properties, there is no ranking for the best jobs, but certainly the rankings for the worst jobs are jobs that are harmful to health, for So even if you have a lot of money, you should not choose such a job.

Although most work is a trade-off of health for money, it also depends on how much damage it brings. If you choose a job that harms your health continuously for a long time such as a welder, construction worker, porter, etc., the consequences will be very unpredictable. Of course, saying that does not mean that you absolutely cannot do these jobs, everything needs to be up to the person depending on the job.

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