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5 tips to help customers get the most out of health insurance

Read the terms carefully, make a health care plan, make the most of the medical examination policy, etc. are ways to help customers use health insurance effectively.

Many people do not have access to quality health insurance that is commensurate with the costs they pay. Therefore, customers should plan to take full advantage of health insurance benefits and reduce unnecessary costs. Here are 5 ways to help you make good use of your existing health insurance plan.

Customers need to research carefully about health insurance policies before deciding to buy.  Photo: NPR

Customers need to research carefully about health insurance policies before deciding to buy. Image: NPR

Read the terms carefully

Before deciding to purchase an insurance plan, customers must be aware of the terms, benefits, and other constraints. “Many customers don’t take advantage of the benefits of a health insurance policy because they don’t know it’s available. They even pay out-of-pocket costs that may already be covered,” said Tasha Carter. , an insurance expert in Florida (USA) explained.

In fact, health insurance companies must provide customers with summaries of content in plain language. At the beginning of each year, it’s important to go through your summary of benefits, especially if you have a long-term policy.

“Usually, insurance companies will change benefits according to the terms when renewing policies for customers. So you should ensure maximum benefits for yourself and understand the impact those changes can have. how,” said Mrs. Carter.

Find a good doctor

The extent to which health insurance is used depends on the health of the customer. A yearly check-up with your personal care practitioner can keep you up to date with what’s going on in your body and provide an idea of ​​the health care you may need in the coming year.

A good doctor knows your medical history and vital signs of your health. They can help keep clients healthy through screenings, spot problems before they get worse, and refer you to a specialist if needed.

Make the most of the medical examination policy

Even when buying a low-cost, high-deductible health insurance plan, customers also need to take full advantage of the benefits when paying for hospital fees or other out-of-pocket expenses, including: diabetes check-ups, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Health care planning

In fact, it is difficult for customers to plan for medical emergencies but still be able to strategize in advance in terms of time and necessary procedures.

Health plans always come with a deductible, which determines a payment threshold you must reach before the insurance company pays the premium. Depending on the customer’s plan, the annual deductible can range from a few hundred dollars to $7,000. Typically, on January 1 of each year, a client’s deductible resets to zero, meaning they must pay their own medical service fees until that threshold is reached.

One way to help customers maximize health care coverage is to wait until the deductible is reached before asking the insurance company to pay the premium. Financially wealthy people can choose a more expensive medical plan and pay for themselves at the beginning of the year, the rest of the health care plan for that year will be covered by insurance.

Learn how to submit a premium claim

If a customer goes for medical examination and treatment but is not issued an insurance bill, they may have to pay the full cost at the time of examination. Later, in case the customer files a claim, the insurance company only pays part of the cost.

Therefore, when you have to pay the full fee, ask the hospital or clinic for an itemized receipt to file your claim. The customer then writes an insurance claim and sends it out. Note, we should call the insurance company to request the appropriate claim form.

Upon receiving the correct claim form, the customer fills in all the information except the signature and date, then makes a copy. Next, when submitting a request to the insurance provider, you sign, date and submit with the medical examination and treatment receipt.

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