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6 new points in university and college enrollment in 2022

Admission season This year’s universities and colleges are approaching. Various admission methods are used by schools. In which, the most used methods are based on high school graduation exam scores, according to academic records, direct admission and admission based on individual exam scores.

Information on the Laborer Online newspaper, the Ministry of Education and Training made 6 basic changes as follows:

The first, Candidates register for admission completely online on the Portal of the Ministry of Education and Training. Alternatively, candidates can apply through the national public service system.

In 2021, candidates apply online or by ticket. This is inaccurate because there is a situation where a teacher has to register for many students in a short time, so errors are easy to occur.

The time to apply for university admission is separate from the time to register for high school graduation. The enrollment portal is open from the end of the high school graduation exam until the results are available, including the review time (within 35 days). The aspirations are sorted from 1 to the end, in which the 1st wish is the highest. The Ministry of Education and Training has made a detailed instruction video clip for candidates to easily perform the operation.

Second, arrange the aspirations that the candidates have registered so that the candidates who are admitted are in the highest aspirations. This change is intended to facilitate candidates and reduce the situation of virtual aspirational registration for schools.

Tuesday, Candidates can apply for admission by many methods: VNU’s ability assessment test scores, exam scores or academic transcripts. For majors that use multiple admission methods or combinations of exams at the same time, schools must explain the suitability of this choice to ensure fairness for candidates.

Wednesday, High school results (grades 10, 11, 12) of candidates are updated on the industry database. Schools can access the electronic transcripts for consideration during the admissions or entrance exam.

Thursday, Schools analyze risks and develop solutions to prevent, plan to coordinate to deal with risks between schools during the enrollment process.

Friday, Regional priority subjects are only considered for candidates graduating in 2022, candidates in previous years are not allowed to add regional priority points.

According to Dr. Pham Nhu Nghe – Deputy Director of the Higher Education Department under the Ministry of Education and Training, these changes are aimed at ensuring fairness, objectivity and accuracy for candidates and for the admissions process.

After knowing the final exam scores, candidates will Register for admission University only once and will not be changed. In addition, candidates need to pay attention to this year’s virtual filtering mechanism.

With these changes, candidates need to pay attention when applying for admission to their aspirations to maximize their chances of being admitted. That is:

– Must meet and comply with the school’s admission procedures and requirements.

– When you have the opportunity to register for the virtual filter system, you must arrange your preferences correctly, the schools, the majors, the methods of each industry, the candidates will then increase their chances.

– You should register for many aspirations and should not focus all your aspirations in the top schools.

The Ministry of Education and Training will have a video to guide the entire data entry process to the last step, when students complete the process. Departments are also tasked with assisting if they are not proficient.

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