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Admire art with closed eyes

Amidst the space with warm light and soft sounds, the guests look like they are in a deep sleep, but in fact they are intoxicated. admire art. This is the beginning of the journey – seeing art with closed eyes – the experience offered by a studio called Dreamachine.

Sound and light changes created visual hallucinations in the participants’ minds when they closed their eyes, impressions that were perceived differently from person to person.

Jennifer Crook – Director of Dreamachine studio shared: “This is an amazing experience where each person will see a different work, but in common it is created by the leading minds in technology and art. art, music, philosophy, neuroscience, anthropology. So this is a real meeting of minds and a unique art-science project.”

Each person will draw what they see and these are the images that come to mind – really rich and alive.

Admire art with closed eyes - Photo 1.

Neuroscientist Anil Seth said: “The images that people see seem to be related to the wiring deep in their visual cortex. So, in a sense, it’s close. as if the brain was revealing its own internal structure to us.”

Each experience begins with a five-minute intro, after which people are free to leave if the experience is too stressful or they feel unwell. The session can then continue and last about 20 minutes.

Art critic Tabish Khan said: “I see bright lights, I see really bright colored lights and then flicker patterns. Sometimes I feel very nervous. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. Other times I feel quite happy and there is a difference between the two. Sometimes I feel very heavy or weightless, It’s like I’m being lifted up. It’s really strange.”

The Dreamachine Experience is open from May 10 to July 24 in London and will also be available in Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh. Participants must be over 18 years of age and must complete a health and safety questionnaire prior to the session.

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