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Attendance at the office with an artificial intelligence solution

CIVAMS solution recognizes faces for timekeeping, security checks and opens doors for employees

The new generation “check-in machine” CIVAMS has been applied at the CMC Group Office Building from the beginning of 2021 after 2 years of testing, with the goal of managing access, digitizing the timekeeping process and warning safety. .

It only takes a few seconds, the timekeeping procedure will be completed, helping employees to come to the office without having to jostle and wait. “Since the office has a facial recognition solution – CIVAMS, I am more relaxed. In the past, I had to come early to scan my fingerprints because I was afraid of crowds, queued up forever, had to go through procedures to explain,” said Mr. Nguyen Quang Thang – CMC Group Office.

Not only Mr. Thang, hundreds of employees at CMC Group’s office are also clocked daily through the camera screen instead of having to check in with fingerprints as before. CIVAMS is installed in the basement of the car park to time attendance for employees. In the lobby on the first floor, a system is installed to control access, strangers will not be able to pass through this system, so they must notify the receptionist. At the office on all floors, there will be cameras for timekeeping combined with automatic opening and closing doors, with safety warnings. In particular, the solution is capable of recognizing faces wearing masks. During the outbreak of the epidemic, CIVAMS is the optimal choice because there is no need to fingerprint or swipe cards, avoiding increasing the risk of virus infection in the workplace.

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The system can identify employees without removing masks

The average CMC office has about 15,000 check-in/out times per day. The application of CIVAMS gives a noticeable effect in the process of access management, ensuring safety and without the need for a large number of security personnel to check as before.

“I was really surprised because without taking off the mask, the system was still able to identify. Up to now, CIVAMS has never misidentified but the recognition speed is very fast. This feature is much more modern than other timekeeping and identification applications I have used,” shared Tran Thanh Mai – CMC Technology and Solutions Corporation.

Fast and accurate identification solution

Dr. Dang Minh Tuan – Director of CMC Applied Research Institute (CIST) shared: “CIVAMS has the ability to recognize faces with high accuracy and sensitivity. In normal lighting conditions, using IP cameras, the system can achieve 99.3% accuracy on a database of 10,000 IDs evaluated according to BLUFR (Benchmark of Large-scale Unconstrained Face Recognition) and response speed less than 300ms. The system can recognize even in case of wearing a mask, can check body temperature, as well as being anti-counterfeiting.”

One of the advantages is that CIVAMS has the ability to quickly and accurately recognize faces with a large database. Each face has 512 features but the recognition search time is still less than 1 second. To achieve this speed, the CIST Institute has developed a special algorithm for searching in big data, but the search time does not increase linearly with the data size.

According to CMC experts, CIVAMS has a flexible architecture that helps reduce system latency for applications requiring real-time, saving and optimizing bandwidth and transmission. The solution also flexibly meets the actual deployed application requirements with a large number of identification needs, up to hundreds of thousands.

In the context of security and information safety being a top priority, the management system also has a data synchronization and backup mechanism to ensure the safety and security of the face database as well as the results received. face. Especially CIVAMS can operate 24/7 when losing connection with the center. The system can also be easily integrated into human resource and business management systems such as SAP, HIS (Hospital Information system). All required identification data can be located only at the local server, not connected to the Internet, minimizing the possibility of revealing personal information to the network environment.

Currently, the CIVAMS solution is being applied in the leading international hospital space in Hanoi. Installed at the hospital, the solution helps to speed time attendance, manage access to ensure the safety of patients and doctors. The Made by CMC solution was also selected by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Hanoi People’s Committee, the Hanoi Department of Information and Communications, etc. In which, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment uses CIVAMS solution to recognize license plates and face recognition, helping to automate the process, shortening time and saving resources in parking lot management. The solution is also applied by major partners in the Japanese market in offices, factories with a large number of workers, commercial centers, schools, hospitals and smart urban areas (Smart City).

Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh – Chairman of the Board of Directors – Executive Chairman of CMC Technology Group said that in order to realize the goal of becoming a global digital enterprise, CMC soon had a large investment strategy for research and development by investing in research and development. how to establish CMC Technology Application Research Institute (CIST). CIST has been developing an ecosystem of interactive technology products in five areas: internet of things – smart devices (Internet of Things/Smart-Devices), big data (Big Data), artificial intelligence (AI), data records (Data Lake), chain technology – information security (Blockchain – Security). In the coming time, CIST will continue to research inventions and technology platforms with breakthrough marks for the corporation in particular and the Vietnamese technology industry in general.

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