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Avoid toxic people as much as possible with these 6 signs

We’ve all had to deal with people whose behavior hurt others. The subtlety here is that you don’t even expect it until you get caught up in those dramas again. Even their behavior makes you doubt whether you have done something wrong or are being sensitive, overreacting, misunderstanding the issue.

It will be better when you can recognize toxic people, toxic behavior to have a better way of dealing with those who like to manipulate others. Here are the malicious behaviors some people use to manipulate others for their own benefit, and how you can avoid it.

1. People they are inconsistent

Avoid toxic people as much as possible with these 6 signs - 1

Today, they may be the nicest person you will ever know, very easygoing and comfortable, but tomorrow morning, you may find them with a coldness that is hard to understand, even hostile to you. Immediately, you ask yourself what you did or said to upset them and try to solve the problem, make the situation better but can’t. All you get is a cold shoulder, a sharp look of displeasure.

Remember that what happens is not from you but from them with their need to manipulate others. Don’t try to please this type of person because you can’t. You are not responsible for their mood, happiness or dissatisfaction.

2. They make you feel indebted, indebted to them

They will do you something they consider a favor or give you a gift that you want but cannot afford. Then they put you in a situation where it must be something they know you don’t want.

The best way to avoid this dilemma is not to accept gifts that are of great value or that you find unusual for your relationship. We all don’t want to be dependent or indebted to someone.

3. They are never wrong and never apologize

Avoid toxic people as much as possible with these 6 signs - 3

The malicious one defies all logic. The truth means nothing to them. They always consider themselves right and insist on it. They will raise seemingly unrelated questions and information and end arguments with things that no one understands.

The best approach is to let go of the need for them to apologize and acknowledge you’re right. Simply ignore and don’t bother. Either way, you’ll never be right to them, and an apology is a luxury for them. So why wait or ask someone for something you know will never happen? As long as you know what the truth is, that’s enough.

4. They always find a way to make you feel worse, bring you down

These people are never happy for others. Regardless of your good news, they will find a way to put your mood down.

You just bought a new house, and they say, “Are you sure you can live there?” You have new people, they will: “Hope this person is less bad than the previous one”. When you go to a place for the first time, they say, “Who goes there anymore. It’s like a tourist dumping ground.”

This type of person is best not to appear in your life. If it’s a relationship you can’t break, limit your communication and don’t let them influence you.

5. They are masters at using innocent language to hurt

Avoid toxic people as much as possible with these 6 signs - 4

It may be a seemingly innocent, innocent statement, but it actually conveys a message that makes others uncomfortable. They sarcastic, belittled you with sentences like: “The dress looks too small”, “The buttons must have worked so hard to stay there”, “You were alone during the whole holiday. a date?”

The best defense against these behaviors is to know your worth and always remember that what others say doesn’t define or make you who you are.

6. They defy all logic, do not discuss to solve the problem

Toxic people have no concept of logic. You can prepare your points before the debate, but they won’t respond to anything you say and will instead change the subject or dig up old issues.

If they can’t deny what you’re saying, they’ll apologize in a way that upsets you, implying that what they did or said was your fault in the first place. You can’t win any arguments with this type of person, so it’s best not to start.

Say what you need to say and don’t try to defend it, refuse to answer anything irrelevant. This won’t help you win that argument, but at least you won’t get dragged into the drama.

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