Choosing to get married or live alone?

She knew falling in love with someone could happen many times and each time, she would fall into a state of infatuation. But each time they broke up, she loved herself more.

Imagine family What the future will look like is a cherished pastime of hers. Sometimes she finds herself and her small family building a farm by the lake, sometimes she and them live in a luxury apartment, sometimes they run a small bakery in a seaside city. ..

She found it difficult to really choose between those scenarios. She met her first boyfriend over a year ago. He was wonderful and perfect, even though she knew he wasn’t everything she had imagined.

They quickly bonded together, she repeatedly asked: “Am I the only person in the world that you will love?”

The question forced her to face the fact that at 28, she was still hesitant. She really didn’t know if he was her chosen one.

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She loved him and was happy to be with him, but it was hard to imagine herself giving up on her desire to do something else with him. In the eyes of her friends, that relationship was not true love.

One of her downsides is that she’s never 100% sure of anything.

Then she suddenly moved to another city. There, she met and fell in love with an artist-style programmer. Together they cook hearty meals in the kitchenette, work in a lovely garden, and go hiking on weekends.

Everything is going well, she likes to live in this strange new city, but her boyfriend wants to move to a more vibrant city. She wasn’t ready for a new adventure, so they parted ways. Thanks to her savings, she traveled for several months.

She did it all by herself and became increasingly picky. At the end of the tour, she decided to work in the fashion industry. In her free time, she drinks cocktails in crowded bars and rewards herself with frivolous shoes.

In doing so, she didn’t feel like she was pretending to try to change herself, but rather, she opened a secret door within her.

All of this shows that she has become acutely aware of the life she truly enjoys. She craves novelty, challenge, and freedom more than stability, and this is what makes her hesitant to fall in love with someone.

Now, she knew that falling in love with someone could happen many times and each time, she would fall into a state of infatuation. But each time they broke up, she loved herself more.

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She often asked boyfriend their own, that they can have a period of self-development, to have new experiences, to change. That doesn’t mean the end of the relationship, but they don’t have to be sure about a future joint plan.

When she was in her late 30s, her interests and passions were still driving her away. To her, a stable future remains a mystery. Perhaps what she is most uncertain about is whether she is truly living her life to the fullest and enjoying her freedom.

Sometimes, she still likes to have someone to talk to about her dreams, no matter how far-fetched or far-fetched. She loved waking up next to that person in the morning, listening to music and fighting over food.

But she also enjoys waking up on her own, cleaning her apartment, imagining the dress she’ll wear to a posh event. She likes to imagine everything she wants in limitless possibilities.

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