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Discover the ancient Egyptian mummification tricks

To have a perfect mummy, the Egyptians had to perform a lot of extremely complicated steps.

Ancient Egyptian civilization is always one of the popular exploitation topics in Hollywood movies, in which Egyptian mummies always bring mysteries and stimulate the curiosity of each person who loves to explore. .

Mummification began around 2600 BC in Egypt, and initially, only pharaohs – rulers of the kingdom were allowed to mummify. About 600 years later, this thinking changed, ordinary people were also allowed to embalm bodies and place valuables in their own tombs.

The ancient Egyptians believed that each individual possessed a soul. Even after death, a part of a person’s soul will forever be attached to the body. Therefore, preserving the body for the purpose of preserving the soul was extremely important to the Egyptians.

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Instruments used for mummification.

So how to create a mummy that remains intact after thousands of years?

Normally, the embalming process will take about 70 days and includes the steps below.

As for tools, to embalm, they need tools such as: Four vials of organs, natron salt, linen, … and an experienced monk to carry out this process.

1. Removal of organs

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Organs will be removed from the body through an incision on the left side of the abdomen.

First, they will use a special metal hook, close the skull from the nostrils and gently stir until the cerebrospinal fluid flows along the nose out. After removing the cerebrospinal fluid, they poured alcohol inside, also from the nasal passages, to clean and disinfect.

The stomach, liver, lungs and intestines are then removed from the mummy through a small incision on the left side of the abdomen.

The organs are removed from the body by the priest and placed in canopic vessels modeled after the four sons of Horus to protect the organs and place it in the grave during the burial ceremony. .

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The 4 jars represent protective deities.

– The head god Imset is responsible for protecting the liver

– The wolf-headed god Duamutef is responsible for protecting the stomach

– The baboon god Hapi is responsible for protecting the lungs

– The bird-headed god Qebehsenuef is responsible for protecting the intestines.

Only the heart will be kept inside the body because the ancient Egyptians believed that the heart contains a person’s consciousness and personality. However, according to statistics, only about 25% of mummies discovered still have the heart inside.

2. Cleanse the body

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The mummy will be cleaned with Nile water.

In the next step, the inside of the dead body will be washed with alcohol and aromatherapy. Different parts will use different materials and methods for cleaning.

With an empty skull, the tree sap is poured in through the nose. After that, the dead will be “bathed” for the last time with Nile water, this is a stage of religious significance.

3. Natron salt incubation

After the above process, Mummies will be brushed with palm oil and then covered with Natron salt, an important material that keeps mummies intact over time to kill bacteria and parasites, it can also remove water from body tissues, preventing the process of aging. decomposition of dead bodies.

Normally, the body will be salted with Natron for 35 days and the result is a solid brown mass.

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The body will be mummified for 35 days.

After 35 days, the monks will pour perfume and cover the body with a layer of resin to seal, then massage the body with a wax mixture containing cedar oil. Next, a metal piece in the shape of Horus’s eye was placed over the incision in the mummy’s abdomen.

4. Wrap the body and put it in the coffin

In the next stage, the ancient Egyptians would wrap the mummy in linen and place it in a nested coffin or stone coffin. In addition, people also put different types of charms between the wrappings of the mummy in the belief that they will protect the deceased.

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During the wrapping process, different types of charms will be placed on the body.

Today, archaeologists and experts use X-rays to study ancient Egyptian mummies. Under modern technology, scientists have discovered that the nerves, blood vessels in the nail layers, different layers of skin, and even fat cells are still intact.

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The mummies are preserved quite intact.

This shows that, although there are many mysteries surrounding the mummification process, it is not only of historical value but also of great help to the anatomical medicine of the ancient Egyptians.

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