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Doan Van Hau suddenly appeared in a special project

SEA Games 31 will officially kick off on May 12 in Vietnam. To cheer for the biggest sports festival in the region taking place in his homeland, the latest male rapper Den Vau has made fans extremely excited when he released the MV “Going in the summer” with a strong sports spirit. .

The MV is divided into 3 parts, with the main theme being the connection between football players and fans. Through the song, the male rapper conveys the image of the passion and love of the Vietnamese audience for the SEA Games and for football, demonstrating the national heroic spirit.

Doan Van Hau appeared in a special project with Den Vau - Photo 1.

Musician Tran Tien and rapper Den Vau released the MV “Going in the summer” to support the 31st SEA Games.

To perform that song, male rapper Den Vau had a collaboration with veteran musician Tran Tien and many other famous musical figures. Notably, there was the appearance of a trio of national players, Doan Van Hau, Do Duy Manh and Que Ngoc Hai.

The stars of Vietnam Tel have mixed with about 1000 other mass actors to create a really brilliant and colorful MV, showing the true spirit of martial arts, enthusiasm and exciting atmosphere. active in the country when the 31st SEA Games were held here.

Doan Van Hau appeared in a special project with Den Vau - Photo 2.

Do Duy Manh, Que Ngoc Hai and Doan Van Hau also attended.

In the MV, the scenes when Vietnamese people go “storm” to celebrate the feats that the country’s football has created in past tournaments is also an indispensable part. The heroism and atmosphere of the above song is creating a huge amount of listeners.

Obviously, during the time when the 31st SEA Games are on every street, the path of the S-shaped land, when the sports spirit of the audience nationwide is “boiling” because of the biggest festival in the region. In the region, that song will further encourage the enthusiastic spirit of the fans and the desire to fight for all athletes, especially U23 Vietnam when the teachers and coaches Park Hang-seo aim to protect the trophy. prestigious gold medal holding.

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