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Finding out his wife is a prostitute, the husband immediately divorced, the wife’s attitude shocked everyone

According to local media reports, Mr. Chen is a beverage shop owner in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Years ago, Mr. Chen went online to find someone to chat with and accidentally met Ms. Yang. The two feel extremely compatible in terms of personality, often confide in each other and become increasingly close, gradually connecting a love online.

In June 2011, Mr. Chen and Ms. Yang made an appointment to meet in Shanghai, China. This meeting outside made Mr. Chen fall in love with Ms. Yang even more deeply as she possesses a beautiful and seductive appearance, and a very gentle and loving personality.

Only then, did Ms. Yang reveal a shocking information, that she had a child of her own, and is now asking her biological parents to take care of her. Ms. Yang said that she really wants to find a father for her child so that she won’t have to feel sorry for herself when she grows up. Hearing that, Mr. Chen deeply sympathized and sympathized with Ms. Yang’s plight. Mr. Chen is determined to let go of his lover’s past, and wants to marry Ms. Yang and take care of their children together.

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In early March 2013, Mr. Chen and Ms. Yang flew together to Hunan province, Ms. Yang’s hometown. By May of that year, the couple had received a marriage license. After that, Mr. Chen immediately took Ms. Yang back to Kaohsiung to settle down. The marriage seemed to be very beautiful and smooth, but soon began to appear cracks.

On July 19, 2017, Ms. Yang received a residence permit in Kaohsiung. Since then, she began to have unusual changes, becoming cold and distant from Mr. Chen no matter how close and loving he was to his wife. Ms. Yang often refuses to have sex with her husband, repeatedly asking for money, but when she has money, she turns around, scolds her husband and neglects her job at the bar.

By June 2019, Mr. Chen noticed that his wife had started posting revealing photos on WeChat and hanging out until midnight. Ms. Yang was also suspected of being a prostitute by those around her because she often had a shuttle to her door and was seen by her neighbors. Ms. Yang completely did not pay attention to the eyes of the people around, making Mr. Chen extremely disappointed and embarrassed, and the relationship between husband and wife also went down seriously.

Mr. Chen repeatedly wanted to forgive his wife, but on January 1, 2020, Ms. Yang was arrested by the police for selling sex at a motel. Mr. Chen couldn’t accept it anymore, so he decided to file for divorce, demanding that Ms. Yang compensate him for 1 million yuan (more than 3.4 billion dong) for emotional consolation.

At the police station, Ms. Yang was still thick-faced and brazenly told that she had not had sex with anyone. She said that she did not understand the law, did not break the law, then calmly paid the fine, without any shame or remorse.

During the review of Mr. Chen and Ms. Yang’s divorce, the Kaohsiung city court judge found that Ms. Yang had repeatedly sold sex and transacted with male clients for a fee of 10,000 yuan (more than 34 million yuan). dong) each time. Ms. Yang’s behavior seriously infringed on her marriage to Mr. Chen. In the end, Ms. Yang had to compensate Mr. Chen 300,000 yuan (more than 1 billion dong).

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