Health is people’s biggest concern in 2021

In 2021, 23.84% of PAPI survey respondents said they were most concerned about health, an increase of more than 11 times compared to 2019 (1.64%).

The Report of Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index in Vietnam (PAPI) 2021, released on the morning of May 10, showed a shift in people’s concerns under the impact of Covid-19.

Accordingly, compared with 2019, health-related concerns, health insurance jumped to 15.58% in 2020 and 23.84% in 2021. From 2020 (when Covid-19 broke out strongly), the rate of anxiety Fear also increased in the field employment (from 8.57 to 10.83%); poverty (from 17.92 to 19.1%).

Health becomes the biggest concern in 2021

Uncertainties related to the economy are more evident when people less optimistic about the economic situation. About 30% said that family finances have declined, this rate increased by 11% compared to 2020. The number of people who lost their jobs and affected their income increased by 10% compared to 2020, concentrated in key economic regions. such as Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City – places of social distancing for a long time.

PAPI survey in mid-October 2021, ending February 2022. This is when the fourth pandemic wave occurred in Vietnam with the overwhelmingness of the Delta strain causing a total of nearly 40,000 deaths.

According to Mr. Schuler, a representative of the Papi research group, the majority of people surveyed are satisfied with the government’s response to the pandemic, this rate is 89% in 2020 and 84% in 2021.

Dr. Paul Schuler speaking at the announcement.  Photo: UNDP

Dr. Paul Chuler speaking at the announcement. Image: UNDP

According to PAPI, the pandemic has made the health sector “less sympathetic”. The level of satisfaction when using the services of public hospitals at the district, district and provincial levels has decreased. “This is the result of many hospitals and medical facilities treating Covid-19 patients being overwhelmed during the complicated development of the epidemic,” said Schule.

Regarding the index of controlling corruption in the public sector, the localities in the highest scoring group were “more evenly distributed”, in both the North and the South. However, the number of people who rate “fairness” in recruiting human resources into the public sector is still very low. “The situation of spending money to get a job in the state sector is still quite common. People still think that the relationship is a big determinant of the results of applying for a job as a commune-level civil servant,” the report stated.

The survey results show that this is most common in Son La and Dien Bien. The three localities with the lowest levels are Hung Yen, Thanh Hoa, and Binh Duong.

Health becomes the biggest concern in 2021 - 2

The proportion of people who carry out administrative procedures to apply for a new grant or renew a land use right certificate has to pay “underhand” ranging from 40-90% in more than 40 provinces and cities. However, this situation is common in poor provinces such as Cao Bang, Dak Lak and Soc Trang.

The Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index in Vietnam (PAPI) is a citizen participation tool to monitor the effectiveness of the government in policy implementation at the grassroots level. In 2021, nearly 16,000 people participated in the PAPI survey through face-to-face interviews or video calls.

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