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Honda Vietnam lacks motorbikes for sale

Customers have to wait from a few weeks to a month to receive the car, even many HEADs do not accept the deposit because they do not know when to deliver the car.

After many years of driving a digital car, Huy Manh (28 years old, Hanoi) decided to change to a scooter suitable for both of them. He looked to buy a Honda Vision at the HEAD (Honda Exclusive Authorized Dealer) but asked which store did not have a car for immediate delivery. “The agent said to wait 2-3 weeks,” Manh said. The asking price is 44 million, which is 10 million higher than the listed price.

In Ho Chi Minh City, there is also a shortage of cars and waiting times similar to Hanoi. Even many stores actively do not accept deposits from customers because it is not clear when they can deliver the car.

In the past, it was quite easy for customers to buy Honda motorbikes to receive them immediately or after 2-3 days. Except for strange colors or special edition, high demand, lead time can be about 10 days to 2 weeks.

Currently, most Japanese car models have to wait from two weeks to more than a month, the longest being Vision and Wave Alpha. Wave Alpha is a popular popular car for students, newcomers to work. Meanwhile, Vision is a “fit” scooter model with Vietnamese income, which is interested by many female customers. This is also the best-selling scooter model on the market.

Customers refer to motorbikes at a Head in Ho Chi Minh City.  Photo: Pham Trung

Customers refer to motorbikes at a Head in Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Pham Trung

Honda Vietnam said that it is currently facing difficulties due to a lack of production components due to the disruption of the global supply chain. In particular, locally produced scooter models such as Vision, Lead, SH Mode, and SH are most affected, causing a shortage of supply.

The Japanese automaker does not know when it will have an abundant supply of parts again, so during this time it will balance to ensure the most balanced supply of cars to dealers.

The manager of a HEAD in Ho Chi Minh City, said that the Honda factory allocates cars to dealers after about 10 days to half a month. When the supply is stable, dealers proactively place orders to ensure that vehicles are always available in stock. “Now there are fewer cars, it’s harder for dealers to order, so customers are no longer as free to choose as before,” he said.

Taking up 80% of the motorcycle market share, the shortage of Honda greatly affects the whole market. In addition to declining sales, new car-related businesses will also be affected such as accessories, car stickers, plate pressing, maintenance…

With other brands on the market, Piaggio is still stable, Yamaha is also lacking but only with some models or special Exciter colors. Suzuki, SYM have small sales so they do not affect the market.

In addition to the declining supply, Honda motorcycles continue to cost more than the listed price New company announced from the beginning of April past. In Ho Chi Minh City, the most popular models are SH 125, with a difference of 10-13 million VND, and SH 150 with a difference of 13-24 million VND. Only the Winner X clutch model has a discount, about 5-7 million VND compared to the company’s proposed level.

After not having an optimal choice for a new car, Huy Manh switched to buying old Vision to have a car to use immediately. Manh is not interested in cars of other brands because he likes Honda’s neutral appearance as well as the tradition of durability and little breakdown.

Anh Duong – Pham Trung

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