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How to treat post-Covid-19 urticaria?

I had Covid-19 and had a lot of hives, itching, taking medicine that didn’t go away but spread. How to cure? (Nguyen Thanh Hoa, Dong Nai)


Viruses in general, when entering the body, will cause many immune reactions, so it is not difficult to understand when your skin is affected, namely hives (urticaria) when infected with Covid-19.

Allergic urticaria is a condition in which the skin is an itchy rash with small bumps or sometimes blisters, a widespread and itchy rash. These symptoms can occur during the acute phase of Covid treatment or after many weeks of treatment. If itching is severe, you can apply topical moisturizers or corticosteroids, and use antihistamines as directed by your doctor to help relieve itching symptoms.

In case this urticaria spreads to the face, causing swelling of the lips or tongue, you need to see a doctor. More serious is facial edema, difficulty breathing, requiring emergency care at the nearest medical facility.

However, most cases of allergic rashes caused by Covid-19 will clear up on their own without treatment. If soft, dark (or purple, black) spots appear suddenly anywhere on the body, called purpura, you should seek medical attention immediately. These rashes usually won’t change color when you press them with your hands, often with a fever.

With your allergy rash, have taken medicine (not sure what it is) but still have many symptoms, you should see a doctor for an accurate assessment and advice on appropriate treatment. Taking anti-allergic drugs is only intended to treat symptoms. Maybe your doctor will order an additional allergen test to find an allergen (the cause of your body’s allergies). Currently, Tam Anh General Hospital has an allergy panel test of 60 allergens to find the cause of the allergy and treat the exact cause. Wish you quickly recovered.

Specialist doctor 2 Tran Thi Thanh Truc
Head of Neurology Department, Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City

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