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Job-hopping shock because of high salary

I was about to change jobs after receiving an attractive offer, but soon realized that the working environment and colleagues were more important than the high salary.

I am working for a Japanese educational institution, the salary is not very high, but I am satisfied because of the professional working environment. Two years ago, there was an international school in Vietnam that invited me to be an expert, develop a curriculum, they very high pay and cordial greetings. I found it attractive to change to a new environment, but after considering it, I only accepted the part-time job and kept my old job.

They signed me up for a two-year contract and I started building the curriculum. They send e-mails checking my progress daily. Because of my expertise, I do it quite quickly and meet their requirements. After half a year, I finished building the curriculum and submitted it to them, that’s when they sent me an e-mail apologizing for not being able to cooperate with me anymore, because I didn’t want to continue the study program that I had already completed. construct. They compensated me a month’s salary for contract cancellation.

I myself have been well trained in pedagogy abroad, so I think education must first be something very standard and reliable. Those who work in education should also have those qualities in order to be qualified to teach students.

At that time, I felt very shocked and amazed at the behavior of such a large educational institution. Fortunately, I still keep my old job so my life has not been affected too much. After this once-in-a-lifetime experience, I feel more attached to my current company and never again greedy for high salary offers again.

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More on my decision to take on two jobs:

Firstly, my part-time work does not violate the contract that I signed with the Japanese company, they do not have a clause prohibiting me from working overtime.

Second, I want to pass on my experiences to help students have a better and fresher curriculum. Not one class of students, but many successive generations of students. Education is not a sale, so I think there is no need to keep secrets or business secrets, what is good and helps the community as much as possible, I think I should do.

Third, if I had the intention to make money, I would have left the old company to jump to that international school at the offer, not part-time.

So, what disappoints me the most is that even a large international school is not immune to snatch, clever – something Japanese companies never do. What will they teach their students about honesty?

My brother’s company works in IT, recruiting staff with a towering salary of 20-40 million VND for each position. I jokingly said: “Your company is doing well”. She replied: “It’s also very difficult, hiring a high salary is also a form of PR for the company to let people know, but where does the food received like that come from …”. Therefore, many people who are overconfident turn into recklessness. Confident and reckless are just two verbs with very thin lines.

Sometimes a high salary is also important because it is also an assessment of each person’s ability. But I find, the working environment and good colleagues are much more important to me, even though the salary is a bit lower. I want my worth to be respected, not piece of lemon when squeezed out of juice. This life, everything has its price. Therefore, I advise you to be cautious when switching jobs and take my own example for reference and consideration.


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