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La Thanh Huyen immediately chose Cam Dan’s “stormy” dress to film

After “Love and ambition” La Thanh Huyen returned to the VTV cinematic universe with the movie “Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover” and once again people fell in love with 35-year-old beauty and fashion sense. elegant, feminine by La Thanh Huyen.

Not inlaid with brand names like Tue Lam, Cam Giang (the role of La Thanh Huyen) is full of Vietnamese design and during 50 episodes, there will be no duplicates. One of La Thanh Huyen’s designs that made an impression right from the first episodes of the series was the elegant and luxurious midi white dress.

La Thanh Huyen immediately chose the

At the age of 35, La Thanh Huyen still makes the public admire her beauty. The elegant face with sad wet eyes has remained unchanged for nearly 20 years when entering Vietnamese showbiz.

La Thanh Huyen immediately chose the

Designed to reveal her slender collarbones, elegant high neckline, La Thanh Huyen’s face with elaborate pearl earrings adorned her luxurious and splendid beauty in this film.

La Thanh Huyen immediately chose the

What a coincidence, the white dress that La Thanh Huyen wears in the movie has a very similar design to the design Cam Dan each facet. This is even considered the most “stormy” dress of Cam Dan when it first appeared publicly with the giant Duc Huy – Le Quyen’s ex-husband.

La Thanh Huyen immediately chose the

Dubbed “the most regretful beauty of Miss Vietnam 2020”, after the emotional noise, Cam Dan’s beauty is still what the public regrets the most.

La Thanh Huyen immediately chose the

Pursuing a sexy and seductive style, but when wearing this elegant white dress, Cam Dan is still extremely graceful and luxurious. The short curly hair was somewhat more mature than Cam Dan’s 18 years old at that time. But Cam Dan still scored when he and the giant Duc Huy went to a friend’s wedding.

That was 2 years ago after Miss Vietnam 2020 ended, and this is the beauty and physique of Cam Dan at the present time when she has “broken up” with her rumored lover.

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