Nearly 1,000 stocks lost points, VN-Index evaporated 60 points

Opening the first trading session of the week (9/5), stock market The domestic market was in the red in the negative trading sentiment of investors.

Right at the opening, VN-Index dropped nearly 21 points, selling pressure covered the market with the whole industry. In which, the group with large capitalization including real estate, banking and securities is the strongest drag of the market. This trio alone took away more than 9 points from the VN-Index.

Nearly 1,000 stocks lost points, VN-Index evaporated 60 points - 1

VN-Index sank in red. (Screenshots)

Blue-chips like VIC, GAS, VHM, BCM, MSN… were the main reason for the market’s decline. Meanwhile, the rare green color in VNM, HPG, PGV,… was not enough to keep the market gaining momentum.

By 9:45 a.m., VN-Index down 31.98 points (2.41%) to 1,297.28 points. In the VN30 group, there were 29 stocks that declined and only 1 stock remained unchanged. The whole HoSE floor recorded 376 losers, outnumbering 38 gainers and 23 standing still.

Later on, selling pressure spread so the index continued to drop deeply. At 10:21, VN-Index dropped 44.22 points (3.33%0 to 1,285.04 points, HoSE recorded up to 411 losers (of which 53 fell to the floor), 32 increased and 16 stood still. The VN30 basket continued to record 29 stocks that fell sharply, with only 1 stock standing still, VN30-Index also dropped as much as 41.30 points (3.01%) to 1,331.91 points.

A remarkable point in this morning session was that foreign investors strongly disbursed in the red session. After about 1h30 of trading, foreign investors bought more than 500 billion dong and only sold 300 billion dong, equivalent to a net buying of 200 billion dong on HoSE. The codes that were gathered the most by foreign investors were VHM, HPG…

Pausing in the morning session, VN-Index dropped 47.23 points (3.55%) to 1,282.03 points. On the HoSE, there were 424 losers, 28 gainers and 16 standstill stocks. All 30 stocks in the VN30 group fell. The VN30-Index fell 43.64 points (3.18%) to 1,329.57 points.

On HNX, the index HNX-Index down 17.53 points (5.10%) to 325.93 points. UPCoM-Index fell 4.02 points to 97.86 points.

Market liquidity continued to stay low even though the index dropped sharply. The transaction value on all 3 exchanges is less than 12,000 billion dong.

After the lunch break, selling pressure was pushed to a high level so the indexes continued to plunge. At 2:25 p.m., the VN-Index dropped 62.40 points (4.69%) to 1,266.86 points. On HOSE, there were 457 losers, of which 201 stocks fell to the floor, only 18 stocks increased and 6 stocks remained unchanged. VN30 group had 29 losers (7 stocks fell to the floor) and 1 stock remained unchanged.

At the end of the session, the market movement was still less positive under strong selling pressure. Many industry groups were sold strongly such as securities, banking, real estate, steel… causing a series of stocks to fall deeply, even to the floor “white buyers”. Speculative stocks such as “Gelex family”, “Louis family”, “FLC family”, “DNP family”… mostly fell to the floor. The 13 stocks in the VN30 basket that were “on the floor” were MWG, PLX, TCB, BID, BVH, CTG GVR, KDH, PNJ, SSI, STB, VPB, POW, the remaining 17 stocks dropped sharply.

At the end of the session, the VN-Index dropped 59.64 points (4.49%) to 1,269.62 points. On the HNX, HNX-Index also dropped 20.7 points (5.84%) to 323.39 points. UPCom-Index fell 5.28% to 96.5 points.

The number of losers on all 3 exchanges dominated with 943 losers, including 356 stocks that fell to the floor, overwhelming compared to 121 gainers. Although the market dropped sharply, the liquidity was still quite low, the trading value of the 3 exchanges was only nearly 22,000 billion dong. The bright spot in today’s session was a net buying of 574 billion dong on HOSE.

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