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Online shopping increased sharply after the Covid-19 pandemic

Ninja Van Group, a postal and e-logistics company, has just partnered with DPDgroup to publish the first E-commerce Index Report for 2021 in Southeast Asia (SEA).

Accordingly, the report focuses on the online purchasing habits of consumers Southeast Asia as well as their expectations about their shopping experience from the purchase decision stage to the delivery of the goods.

Since the pandemic Covid-19 Booming two years ago (2019 – 2021), the number of online shopping customers in Southeast Asia has increased by about 70 million people. This number is expected to continue to climb to around 380 million people by 2026. Over the past 12 months, Ninja Van Group has shipped more than 2 million packages per day across the countries mentioned in the report. this. Other figures in the report also provide a broader view of the sudden growth of the e-commerce sector.

Online shopping increased sharply after the Covid-19 pandemic - Photo 1

Online shopping is a trend after the pandemic Covid-19


In particular, Vietnam has also demonstrated its purchasing power by leading in sales in the Southeast Asian market, especially in FMCG and fashion clothing/footwear.

In Viet Nam, Ninja Van Group develop Ninja Direct service (international import) with the foundation of providing many leading international trade solutions for Vietnamese businesses and contribute to promoting integration with Asian import and export markets from 2019. After less than 3 years, Ninja Direct has affirmed the breakthrough potential in cross-border e-commerce of the Vietnamese market with a customer list of more than 600 businesses/store owners. online business (general warehouses, agents…) regularly use import-export services, generating more than 2,000 international shipping orders, creating an average trade value of more than 60 billion VND per month.

Sales director of Ninja Van Vietnam, Mr. Phan Xuan Dung said: “In the time after the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam’s demand for shopping for e-commerce goods exploded not only in big cities but also in big cities as well. in rural areas. Consumers’ demand for goods that are suitable for their budget, design, quality, etc. “, becoming prominent keywords in the search system on e-commerce platforms”.

In another aspect of the online shopping experience, the metrics in the report demonstrate that delivery is the final stage of the online shopping process, and plays an extremely important role in influencing the experience. overall customer. 85% of survey respondents in Vietnam share that they want to know which delivery company will receive their parcels. This information gives them more peace of mind and creates a sense of guaranteed service quality.

Additionally, 26% of shoppers cite free shipping as a driving force behind their online purchases. From there, it can be seen that creative promotions, free shipping is a successful tactic of e-commerce platforms.

The 2021 Southeast Asia E-commerce Index (SEA) report reaffirms Ninja Van Group’s commitment to understanding the needs of sellers and buyers to provide simple delivery and convenient. Occupying a position in the field of e-commerce in Southeast Asia, Ninja Van Group will continue to develop an ecosystem with a variety of services and support tools to create a lot of value for users, ensuring a perfect experience. perfect during use.

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