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People crowded onto Thu Thiem 2 bridge to admire the scenery and take pictures, causing traffic insecurity

After 7 years of construction, Thu Thiem Bridge 2 – The bridge “connecting the happy banks” between District 1 and Thu Duc City was inaugurated on April 28, making the city people happy.

Not only helping the city improve infrastructure, contributing to reducing traffic congestion and traffic jams for Nguyen Huu Canh Street and the Saigon River Tunnel, Thu Thiem 2 Bridge is also a key work mentally for the people of the city. city, has long-term tourism value.

Looking from the side of Thu Thiem bridge, you can see the most modern scenery of Ho Chi Minh City, so this bridge becomes a destination for many people in the late afternoon and at night.

From the time of official opening until now, Thu Thiem bridge is always crowded and bustling with people coming to both sides of the bridge to enjoy the view, which has made it difficult for traffic vehicles to get on the bridge.

Thu Thiem Bridge 2 – the “reluctant” check-in place is floating around in Saigon

Recorded at about 19 – 20 pm, the number of visitors flocking to both sides of Thu Thiem bridge is getting more and more crowded. Many motorbikes were parked one after another, crowded on both sides of the bridge.

Joining the fun, many people even brought their families and loved ones up to the bridge to take pictures.

“I am also happy to be able to go on Thu Thiem 2 bridge to see the city at night, the view is very beautiful, feel that everyone is excited because there is a clear and modern way to avoid traffic jams”, One person took his family to Thu Thiem 2 bridge to take pictures.

Saigon people crowded on Thu Thiem 2 bridge to take pictures and eat snacks

From the view of Thu Thiem 2 bridge, people say they can see the modern scene of Saigon at night. This is the reason that attracts them to this bridge.

“I think during the first time the bridge is open to traffic, there will be a lot of city people coming here to take pictures and admire the scenery because this is their desire for a long time, but every time I cycle through here, I have to go to the traffic lane. machines or cars because the bike lanes have been filled with parked vehicles”, Mr. Tran Thien An, who lives in District 2, a person who often cycles across Thu Thiem 2 bridge said.

In addition, some vehicles when crossing Thu Thiem 2 bridge were also affected, had to slow down or brake quickly. People in the process of taking photos also move outside the motorbike road, obstructing traffic, not to mention, some people even stop in the middle of the bridge to… rest, drink water, casually like at the park.

Don’t let the “unclogged bridge” become a traffic jam

“I saw everyone stopping so I stopped following, if I get punished, it won’t be my turn”, one person said.

After 2 weeks of traffic, Thu Thiem 2 bridge has not cooled down yet

“If you come here to take pictures, I advise you not to go at rush hour, stop the car close to the bridge and only take a few photos, leave quickly to avoid affecting traffic.” said a young man.

According to PV’s observations, because there are often crowded people and vehicles stop on the bridge, when traveling through Thu Thiem 2 bridge, people need to pay attention to observe and reduce speed, especially in the evenings and at high hours. point.

It is known that 3 roads (Dinh Tien Hoang, Nguyen Binh Khiem and Nguyen Du in District 1) are also divided into one-way streets after Thu Thiem 2 bridge is open to traffic.

After the traffic was opened, information from the Department of Transport said that Thu Thiem 2 bridge has contributed to reducing traffic pressure for the Saigon River tunnel and congestion on Ton Duc Thang, Nguyen Huu Canh, and Le Thanh Ton streets in the district. first. di-tro-thanh-cong-vien-20220509043320512.chn

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