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Sao Viet 10/5, Ha Thanh Xuan and her newlywed husband have the same facebook key

On the evening of May 9, both singer Ha Thanh Xuan and husband Thang Ngo “closed” Facebook after the wedding, which was commented and discussed by many people.

khong chi khoa trang ca nhan ha thanh xuan con khoa ca fanpage nhieu nguoi theo doi fd2d9574bccc4da78e6e1aef81e4d727

Not only locking the personal page, Ha Thanh Xuan also locked the Fanpage with many followers.

sao viet ngay 105 me 1 con dong nhi khoe sac voc thon gon hiem co c8dd881908954719bc0464671bd34a59
Vietnamese Stars May 10: Mother of one child, Dong Nhi, shows off her rare slim figure.
mai phuong thuy xinh dep diu dang a99e44f5b403428ea85bea4d42a7ea44
Mai Phuong Thuy gentle beautiful.
gil le khoe sac voc dep hut mat nguoi nhin e8e1c3c095f04aa69fc20fb64129a691
Gil Le shows off her beautiful body that attracts people’s eyes.
mc thanh van hugo tranh thu hen ho cung chong truoc khi sinh em be b23d3ffe95bc490a8fddbc7bf859375a
MC Thanh Van Hugo enlisted to date with her husband before giving birth to a baby.
hoa hau pham huong chuan bi bua toi thinh soan dip dac biet 31d177d8ba4948388df721c458876fbd
Miss Pham Huong prepares a hearty dinner for a special occasion.
hoa hau thuy tien khoe vong 1 cang tron d0acabad16f24b92b32cf9377c2b5840
Miss Thuy Tien shows off her round 1 round.
tran thanh selfie vui ve cung chau gai bdc4d44ec9fd447794c543eb4f83f4b8
Tran Thanh takes a fun selfie with his granddaughter.
anh dao loi ve mien hoa xinh dep diu dang trong nang ec371de24b964a858b61de9497077435
Cherry blossoms ‘The way to the flower land’ are beautiful and gentle in the sun.
hoa hau do my linh lan dau dan sea games o vai tro mc btv c3e15365a9a3432f960873122f0e34a3
Miss Do My Linh led the SEA Games for the first time in the role of MC – Editor.
btv thuy van hoi ngo la thanh huyen va van dung tai phim truong 38563f338ad049549d4f7cab45cd4925
Editor Thuy Van meets La Thanh Huyen and Van Dung at the set.
mc bach duong hoa minh vao thien nhien 399d4c061b234f78a89686eeff00fc51
MC Aries immersed in nature.
dien vien thanh son dang anh va viet anh khong muon ap luc phai la than tuong cua mot ai vi dieu do se bien anh thanh nguoi khac c4e0c9d94d084c9487e632fe55cbfd20
Actor Thanh Son posted a photo and wrote: “I don’t want the pressure to be someone’s idol. Because that will turn me into someone else tomorrow.”


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