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Service of assessing the level of digital maturity of businesses

Recently, FPT Digital Digital Transformation Consulting Company has launched a Digital Maturity Assessment Service. The service is operated and deployed by a team of experts with in-depth knowledge and consulting experience in many fields, notably in the fields of manufacturing, finance and real estate.

Mr. Tran Huy Bao Giang, General Director of FPT Digital said: “Highly accurate assessments of the entire status quo and industry benchmarking will help managers make the most appropriate direction for their goals and objectives. vision, while avoiding massive investment in short-term requirements. It can be said that assessing the digital maturity of an enterprise is the key to determining the next step.”

Based on the Digital Maturity Model (DMM) which was drawn and built based on references from reputable domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations, and adjusted accordingly. With the activities and culture of Vietnamese businesses, FPT Digital will advise and measure the overall digital maturity of businesses across six main categories in production and business activities, including Customers, Operations, Strategy, Technology, Culture and Data. Experts will directly survey and evaluate the operation of enterprises according to a set of 139 criteria. Each criterion is measured on a scale from 1 to 5 corresponding to the level of maturity, the higher the score, the higher the degree of digital maturity.

Key assessment aspects include:

Customer Category: Including 04 sub-categories with 25 criteria, evaluating the provision of digital tools and customer experience when using channels to interact with businesses.

Operation Category: Including 04 sub-categories with 22 criteria, evaluating operational efficiency and supporting the implementation of the digital strategy of the business.

Strategy Category: Includes 06 sub-categories with 24 criteria, assessing the extent to which businesses increase their competitive advantage and support the overall business strategy through a comprehensive digital strategy.

Technology category: Consists of 05 sub-categories with 29 criteria, assessing the technological ability of enterprises in establishing, maintaining and improving the working environment to support business goals.

Culture category: Consists of 03 sub-categories with 22 criteria, assessing corporate culture in building organizational values, nurturing talents, and creating an innovative and productive working environment.

Data Category: Includes 03 sub-categories and 17 criteria, assessing the ability to effectively use data and information assets to maximize business value of the enterprise.

Evaluation results based on the DMM model give businesses a comprehensive and accurate picture of their digital maturity. Enterprises will have an overall view of the current status of digital maturity in all aspects, thereby building strategies, choosing investment and implementing appropriate digital initiatives and solutions to bring efficiency. highest in the shortest time.

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