Son has a language disorder, Luong The Thanh handled it well

When your child falls into a situation where he speaks two languages, how will parents handle it?

Luong The Thanh and Thuy Diem is one of the couples who receive much admiration from the public. Since Bao Bao was born, the actor and his wife’s life has become more and more complete.

Although there are many difficulties in the process of raising children, they are always happy because of it.

In episode 2 of Mother Absent Father Is SupermanFathers continue to take care of their children by themselves while their wives are away. This is not an easy challenge for any man.

Luong The Thanh is no exception, but throughout the show, he always proves to be a loving, caring father but is also very strict with his children.

In particular, the young father had a teaching performance that was praised by many people. Bao Bao is currently in the speaking stage, but he has a bit of a language disorder between English and Vietnamese.

While English seems to be better, her Vietnamese is slurred, quite difficult to hear. The actor himself admits this.

Luong The Thanh teaches his son to read numbers

When he was counting 8, 9, 10… the boy didn’t say the number 11 but said ”eleven” (the number 11 but in English). In this situation, Luong The Thanh patiently explained gently, affirming that “I am asking you in Vietnamese, not English”.

Then he slowly taught his son and the boy also fluently read the numbers behind in Vietnamese.

In fact, language disorders are quite common, especially with children exposed to many languages ​​from a young age. In some cases, children don’t know which language to use at any time, in the long run, they don’t have a good language, but they are even slow to speak and pronounce difficult to hear.

Son has a language disorder, counting 9, 10, eleven, male star Vbiz handled it well-1

Watching this clip, some mothers confided: ”Yesterday, I watched a video online, the boy in the picture was learning to count numbers in Vietnamese, then he counted in English, although I find it very cute, but his father said he has a language disorder and insisted Children practice counting again in Vietnamese.

In my opinion, your father’s way is very good, helping me distinguish between English and Vietnamese.”

Son has a language disorder, counting 9, 10, eleven, male star Vbiz handled it well-2Son has a language disorder, counting 9, 10, eleven, male star Vbiz handled it well-3
Netizens’ comments.

Many studies have shown that, in order to avoid or minimize language disorders in children, the most important measure is for parents and family members to avoid or limit the use of children. From 0 to 3 years old, they are exposed to televisions, computers, game consoles, phones… because this is the period when children start building the foundations of their language abilities.

On the contrary, it is necessary to strengthen children’s direct communication to guide them to familiarize themselves with objects, actions, and gestures related to their requests and desires.

In this direct educational measure, the teacher raising children or adults will participate in games and lessons to guide and shape children’s listening, speaking standard words and words… to help children. develop the ability to listen, speak, use the correct language.

As a result, children will become bolder in communication and know how to use the necessary words to express their needs or express their feelings.

Parents and family members always encourage the ability to speak, sing, participate in games, and enhance children’s exposure to interesting activities.

When teaching children to listen and speak, parents should not force children to make immediate progress in learning new words, but to persevere, and teach children a few new words and sentences every day.

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