Strangely, a company with a capitalization of 1 billion dong pays a dividend of 60 billion dong

Notably, PTG spent 60 billion dong to pay dividends, 60 times higher than corporate capitalization.

PTG share of Phan Thiet Garment Export Joint Stock Company is one of the stocks with the lowest market price on the stock exchange, with 200 VND/share. Trading in PTG shares has been almost frozen for many years. Most recently, on 11/11/2021, only 100 units were traded, an increase from 100 VND/share to 200 VND/share.

In 2021, PTG’s revenue will reach more than 400 billion VND, equal to 92% of the whole year plan. However, due to the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, the company has adjusted the plan to reduce it to 70%. Thus, in 2021, PTG is still considered to exceed the set plan.

In terms of profit after tax, PTG reached 38 billion dong, down 11% compared to the previous year but exceeding 3% of the whole year profit plan.

Strangely, a company with a capitalization of 1 billion dong pays a dividend of 60 billion dong - 1

In the meeting document that PTG has announced, the most noticeable content is the distribution of profits in 2021. Specifically, according to the plan from 2021, Phan Thiet Garment Export Dividend is expected to be divided proportionally. 20%, equivalent to 2,000 VND/share. Thus, with 5 million listed shares of PTG, the divided amount is 10 billion dong.

However, in the recent profit distribution report, PTG plans to continue to pay a second dividend in 2021 at the rate of 100%, equivalent to VND 50 billion. Thus, the dividend paid in 2021 of PTG will be 120%.

Before that, in 2018, PTG also paid a 2017 dividend of up to 120%, equivalent to a share receiving VND 12,000 even though the market price was only VND 1,500/share at that time.

For a long time, the trading volume was almost zero, the market price was always at 200 VND/share. With such a market price, the market capitalization of PTG is at 1 billion dong.

In addition to PTG shares, stocks including BCB of 397 Joint Stock Company are also in a frozen state of transactions for many months, the market price stood still at 3,600 VND/share. With a volume of 5 million BCB shares outstanding, the market capitalization of BCB reaches VND 18 billion. In the next dividend payment, BCB will pay 31.6%, each share will receive 3,160 VND of dividend.

With a dividend payment rate of 35%, Hung Yen Garment Joint Stock Corporation (HUG) had to pay 56 billion dong to pay dividends for more than 16 million outstanding shares, equivalent to 3,500 dong per share.

5 enterprises expected to pay cash dividends at the rate of 20% or more, including Construction Joint Stock Company No. 5 (SC5), Coal Import-Export Joint Stock Company – Vinacomin (CLM), Agricultural Printing and Packaging JSC (INN), Binh Tay Steel Grid Joint Stock Company (VDT), Dak Lak Hydroelectric Power Joint Stock Company (EAD).

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