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“Stunned” with new records opening the season to conquer the World Roof 2022

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There are only a few periods of good weather in May, which is the best opportunity for mountaineering tourists to realize their dream of conquering the Roof of the World Everest. (Photo: DW)

The number of tourists to Nepal at the beginning of 2022 is more than the whole year of 2021

Nepal is a Himalayan mountain country, home to many of the highest peaks in the world. Including the highest Mount Everest on Earth (nearly 8,849m), known as the Roof of the World.

Climbing Mount Everest can be a lifelong dream for some. But the time it takes to conquer the “Roof of the World” is very short. Usually climbing activities take place only in May, when the weather is favorable for climbers to theoretically reach the summit of Everest.

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The flow of people climbing Everest in May 2019 – the year Nepal welcomed about 1.3 million foreign tourists arriving by air, not to mention the number of visitors arriving by land from India. (Photo: AFP/Getty)

In fact, both the ascent and descent on the northeast slopes of Everest expose climbers to three “choking” points known as the Three Steps, which they must navigate well to cross. .

The journey to conquer Mount Everest is extremely difficult and arduous, but it always attracts a significant source of tourists for the Nepal tourism industry. With the advantage of unique and interesting natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Nepal’s tourism industry developed quite quickly after the country opened its doors to foreign climbers in 1951. Before Covid-19 , tourism brings Nepal 471 million USD per year.

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In the post-Covid-19 era, soon after Nepal reopened, tourists including many foreign climbers found their way to Nepal. (Photo: himalayantrekkers)

According to statistics from the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), there are more foreign tourists to Nepal in early 2022 than in the whole of 2021. Specifically, in 2021 Nepal recorded nearly 151,000 foreign tourists. But in the first 3 weeks of April 2022 alone, nearly 50,000 tourists came to Nepal. Most are from India, USA, UK, Germany and France.

New records opening the season Conquer the Roof of the World Everest 2022

Sherpa Kami Rita is the son of one of the first Sherpas in Nepal to work as a professional guide for foreign tourists in the 1950s. In addition to climbing Everest, Sherpa Kami Rita also climbed several other peaks. also among the tallest in the world, including K-2 (8,611m), Cho-Oyu (8,188m), Manaslu (8,163m) and Lhotse (8,616m).

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Famous Sherpa guide Kami Rita has just set a new record, on the eve of the season of conquering the World Roof of Everest 2022. (Photo: CNN)

The international press, citing sources from the expedition organizers, said: Famous Sherpa guide Kami Rita led a group of 10 other experienced Sherpas, climbing Everest this time to fix the number of vertical ropes. by route; to prepare hundreds of foreign climbers and many Sherpa guides to conquer the “Roof of the World” at the end of May.

With the 26th Everest climb just completed on the evening of May 7, guide Kami Rita, 52 years old, broke the record of conquering the 25th World Roof set by him on May 7, 2021. . Also exceeded the goal of “25 climbs to the top of Everest before retiring” previously set by Kami Rita himself.

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An impressive new World Record on the eve of the 2022 Everest climbing season, was also confirmed by Guinness in March for the Highest Tea Party – at Camp 2 at an altitude of nearly 6,500m on Mount Everest; was founded by American athlete Andrew Hughes and a climbing expedition team on May 5, 2021. (Photo: CNN)

The Sherpas are one of the Tibetan ethnic groups, originating from the highest mountains of Nepal, the Tingri district of the Tibet Autonomous Region and the Himalayas. The Sherpas established Gompas (Buddhist temples or monasteries) where they practiced their traditional religious rites.

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The Sherpa village of Tengboche became known to the world, after the Mount Everest was conquered for the first time in 1953. (Photo: intlsherpaexpedition.wordpress)

Many members of the Sherpa community are known for climbing for a living. As the influx of foreign tourists to Nepal increased, the Sherpas quickly adapted to hiking and mountaineering tourism, especially guided tours to help climbers conquer the mountains. Mount Everest.

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