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Tech Experience at Metaverse’s Metaverse Store

This is the company’s latest step to realize billionaire Mark Zuckerberg’s ambition to develop a virtual universe – the metaverse.

At ‘s store Meta, customers will have the opportunity to experience some of its new technology products, from Ray Ban smart glasses, Portal video calling device to Oculus virtual reality headset. Many customers expressed satisfaction with the new experiences.

“My first impression is really positive. This is my first experience with virtual reality technology. Its interactivity is completely comfortable. I am looking forward to using the function that can help me to come here. visit places I’ve never been,” said Mr. Frank Saunders.

Experience technology at Meta's metaverse store - Photo 1.

Inside Meta’s shop. (Photo: CNET)

Instead of being located on busy shopping streets, Meta’s store is located adjacent to the company’s actual laboratory headquarters. This will be the initial basis for product developers to learn directly about market demand, the company said.

“It’s important to us to make sure that customer experiences are at the core of how we develop our products. So it makes sense to have a store where we’re developing products. because this helps us get a quick response from our customers,” said Martin Gilliard, Meta Store Manager.

With this store, Meta is taking the next step in its evolution from a social network to a hardware-oriented technology company for the metaverse age.

“I see this as a step forward, towards what we want to be. After the experience of moving the Internet from desktop to mobile, what we are seeing today. is the birth of the web 3.0 experience and the metaverse. We’re developing products to help people access those experiences,” emphasized Martin Gilliard, Meta Store Manager.

After pouring billions of dollars into the metaverse infrastructure, Meta hopes the new store will help it introduce its next-generation products to a wide range of general consumers, while at the same time allaying concerns. of investors.

In the first quarter of this year, the company’s virtual reality technology business lost nearly $ 3 billion and is forecasted to continue to spend many more billions of dollars, before it is really profitable for Meta.

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