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The beautiful ancient Stone Stream is “calling for help”

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 09:20 AM (GMT+7)

Recently, people in Chu Pah district, Gia Lai province have many opinions reflecting that the ancient Suoi Da in Ya Ly town was invaded by some individuals using machines, digging into the fields to encroach on the area. The stream area causes a loss of aesthetics, a famous tourist attraction of the locality.

Notably, this area has been selected by Gia Lai province as a local tourist destination and Chu Pah district has also approved an enterprise to survey, study and plan the Suoi Da Co Ya eco-tourism area. Glass.

The beautiful ancient Stone Stream is "calling for help"  - first

Ya Ly Ancient Stone Stream is considered as a tourist highlight of Gia Lai province.

The People’s Committee of Ya Ly town said that it had received information about the incident. Around the end of January 2022, Mr. Ro Cham Jip’s family (residing in Yah village, Ya Ly town) and his son-in-law, Ro Cham Den (residing in Al village, Ia Mo Nong commune, Chu Pah district) had a coffee plantation. right next to Suoi Da Dia waterfall, so he rented a excavator from Mr. Ro Cham Jing (residing in Lut village, Ia Phi commune, Chu Pah district) for 8 million VND to dig, leveling a part of swissed land and encroaching on the rocky stream bank. form a field in an area of ​​14.5x50m. This activity has changed the current state of land in the area, affecting the general landscape of the ancient Da Suoi.

According to the People’s Committee of Ya Ly town, the cause of the incident is that the ancient Suoi Da area is planned for tourism development, so recently many individuals and businesses have come to this area to buy land and fields at high prices. Therefore, Mr. Ro Cham Jip’s family took advantage of the time near the 2022 Lunar New Year to hire people to dig into the fields to encroach on the ancient Suoi Da area because they believed that the state would compensate high prices when acquiring land to invest. investment and development of tourism in Suoi Da Dia area.

At working sessions with local authorities, Mr. Ro Cham Jip and related people all admitted to carrying out the reclamation and encroachment that changed the status of the land mentioned above. Ya Ly town police also mobilized the people involved to overcome the consequences of the incident.

Mr. Ro Cham Jip agreed to remediate the incident, but asked for compensation of 30 million VND and the government had to fix it. The reason given by Mr. Ro Cham Jip was that the government did not notify and set landmarks on the planning and identification of the state land.

On the afternoon of May 9, Mr. Nay Kien, Chairman of Chu Pah District People’s Committee said: The locality has planned Ya Ly ancient Da Stream with an area of ​​92 hectares to be a local tourist destination, including building restaurants and guests. hotel for tourism. After receiving a report that there was an encroachment on the ancient Suoi Da, the district People’s Committee directed the local government to coordinate with the people to overcome, return the ground and spray clean water, bringing the ancient Suoi Da back to the present. original state. For individuals involved in the act of digging and encroaching on the ancient Suoi Da area, the locality will have appropriate forms of deterrence and handling.

The People’s Committee of Ya Ly town has also sent a written request to the People’s Committee of Chu Pah district to zoning and planting specific landmarks for the management area to put into the protected tourist area; have documents, dossiers, information, and map of planning boundaries related to Suoi Da Dia area so that the public can know widely and abide by the approved regulations and planning.

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