The current life of the female champion Road to Olympia 2020

Nguyen Thi Thu Hang (born in 2003, a native of Ninh Binh) started her journey to study at Swinburne University, Australia in early March 2022. Business is the industry that 10x choose to study in the land of kangaroos. Hang said that she has been interested in business since she was a child, so she wants to study deeply in this field, especially the international economic field.

The current life of the female champion Road to Olympia 2020 - 1

Thu Hang left for Australia in early March 2022. (Photo: NVCC)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, unable to go to Australia to study, Hang majored in Business at Swinburne University Vietnam. This is both an opportunity to 10x and optimize study time (subject credits at Swinburne Vietnam are recognized in Swinburne Australia), and help experience a new environment. Therefore, when coming to Australia, Hang was not surprised with the teaching method of the lecturer.

Hang knows how to study in this environment, self-discipline and the spirit of seeking must always be at the maximum level. In a week, Hang studied 8 hours at school, divided into 3 sessions. The rest of the time, female students study online at home, discuss in groups and do homework. With difficult knowledge, Hang often emailed the lecturer for answers or asked the Olympia champions in previous seasons.

“As the only female champion in the past 10 years, I am always considered the youngest brother in the family and always enthusiastically supported by my brothers and sisters”Hang said. In addition to studying at school, Hang plans to join student clubs at the beginning of her 2nd year.

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Thu Hang’s life in Australia. (Photo: NVCC)

Hang’s day usually starts at 5:30. Due to staying far from school, Hang often has to get up early to cook and prepare for school. In the new environment, the 18-year-old girl has to fend for herself from AZ: washing, shopping and cooking. “This is my first time leaving my parents’ arms, going to a strange place. In the early days, I struggled for nearly 2 hours in the kitchen to cook a meal. Hang tells

In her free time, Hang spends time exploring the country and people of Australia. Traveling a lot not only helps Hang expand her social knowledge, but also helps female students become more confident when communicating – something she was worried about 2 months ago.

Life in a new world helps female students to become more mature day by day. There are sick days due to weather changes or fatigue due to a lot of exercises, Hang still feels lucky because she always has her parents and friends in Vietnam to encourage as well as the attention of new friends in Australia.

Thu Hang thinks, wherever she is, she must become a person useful to society and contribute to the development of her homeland. “I hope to be able to do something for my homeland in the future, because I myself have received a lot of things from my homeland, both materially and spiritually.”Thu Hang shared.

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Thu Hang is the champion of Road to Olympia 2020. (Photo: NVCC)

Previously, at the final of Road to Olympia in 2020, Hang surpassed 3 contestants and became the champion with a total score of 235 points. With this result, Thu Hang received a scholarship of 40,000 USD.

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