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The most “destructive” characters in Genshin Impact (P.1)

1. Bennett

The most destructive characters in Genshin Impact (P.1) - Photo 1.

Bennett isn’t a solo character on his own, but he’s worthy of being a god-level support character. Doesn’t deal too much damage, but he unleashes the entire squad by increasing his damage tremendously and also has the ability to heal, making Bennette extremely valuable.

Because of these things, the captain of the adventure crew Benny was chosen by many players because he was too valuable. Basically, Benny is extremely good and one of the most playable characters besides Ganyu.

2. Albedo

The most destructive characters in Genshin Impact (P.1) - Photo 2.

Albedo is an extremely interesting Rock-type character, dealing massive amounts of damage with elemental reactions. Tiny lava explosions that deal massive AoE damage make him very easy to play. Besides, he also has a very low afternoon.

Albedo isn’t exactly the strongest Rock-type character, but his stability makes him worth it. If you are a new player, Albedo is a good character to start the game with.

3. Xiao

The most destructive characters in Genshin Impact (P.1) - Photo 3.

Xiao is the most terrible damage dealer of the Anemo system. With 2 skills that deal damage, The Yaksha Protector can quickly destroy the enemy in just a few hits, even Xiao can handle it with one hit.

The ability to deal huge AoE damage and solo is also very good, Xiao is really an impressive damage character. The rest of the characters in your squad are also not very important, because Xiao’s skill set serves him very well and doesn’t necessarily need the help of other characters.

4. Raiden Shogun

The most destructive characters in Genshin Impact (P.1) - Photo 4.

Raiden Shogun is indeed a bit strange to gamers at first because the Electro system is not a very strong element. However, over time, Thunder God is an extremely good choice for gamers when they get used to her style and set of moves.

Baal is one of the best support characters when it increases the damage of the whole team significantly, and also provides extremely fast mana regeneration. It can be said that Raiden Shogun is the best character of the Electro system.

5. Ganyu

The most destructive characters in Genshin Impact (P.1) - Photo 5.

Basically, Ganyu when switched to aim mode is actually one of the most terrible anti-aircraft cannons in the game. However, that is not the only problem of Ganyu, when her anger skill also brings a huge amount of damage and with that is an impressive control ability.

Ganyu is indeed very versatile, when it has a high crit ability and is easy to destroy opponents easily. However, Ganyu’s weakness is that her blood is so thin that it is quite difficult for her to live long, taking a single hit can be done. However, the secretary of the Seven Stars Liyue is also a character that is quite fun to play and makes many gamers love.

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