The problem of 6 doctors stuck in a deadlock for 4 months, ‘ugly lecturer’ found out overnight

A group of six Chinese PhDs recently got stuck in a difficult problem that had been the crux of their scientific research.

In the process of testing the experiment, they encountered difficulties and did not make any breakthroughs.

After many failed attempts, a doctor in the group suddenly remembered Vi Dong Yi – who was dubbed the mathematical genius of Peking University and sought his help.

Vi accepted and helped answer the professor’s questions overnight.

The problem of 6 doctors stuck for 4 months, 'ugly lecturer' found out overnight - 1

Vi Dong Dich continues to cause fever. (Photo: Weibo)

The doctoral team then used Vi’s method to verify and found that the coincidence rate with experimental results was up to 99.9%.

According to Sohu, the doctor group is said to have offered to send a thank-you gift to Vi, but he refused with the reason that “the problem is too simple”. Since they couldn’t send cash, the group decided to top up Vi’s transport card.

Regarding the incident, the dean of the math department of Peking University said he did not fully understand the problem, but admitted that Vi could solve problems that others could not.

“This is very normal and not surprising. Firstly, Vi is very smart. Second, he is very focused on math.” this man said.

Vi, 29, an assistant professor of mathematics at Peking University, became a Chinese internet phenomenon in mid-2021 after a video of him encouraging students about to take the college entrance exam went viral.

“Come on. Welcome to Peking University. I don’t know what else to say”Wei said sheepishly, holding a water bottle and a plastic bag of dumplings.

Netizens searched for information about this simple teacher and were surprised to discover that he was dubbed the math legend at PKU. He is famous for his simple lifestyle, focusing only on research and being teased by some colleagues as “the ugliest lecturer” in the school.

Wei once turned down Harvard’s offer to study for a doctorate, although the American university said he did not need to take an English entrance exam and would provide an interpreter.

Wei’s relatives said that he once shared that he only spends about 300 yuan (more than 1 million dong) every month. Wei lives a very disciplined life, he usually only eats steamed buns and tofu in the school canteen. He doesn’t care about money but spends all his time studying mathematics.

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