The secret of success of the premium Korean Ginseng brand KOJA MART

Koja Mart’s products not only have the effect of taking care of and improving their own health, but can also be used as a practical and delicate gift to relatives and friends.

The secret from satisfaction

For Koja Mart, the health and satisfaction of customers are always the top priority values. Koja Mart is constantly improving service quality, improving product quality in order to send to its customers the best quality products, meeting the needs of both health and spirit, especially for customers. each person.

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Customers at Koja Mart

Officially launched into the market on March 13, 2013 with the first name Koja Shop, the brand has made a strong impression on Vietnamese customers by the meticulousness in each stage of product selection, from product quality to product quality. products to packaging, packaging. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the factor that makes Koja Shop’s name and reputation – The purity and absolute safety of all products. All products are researched by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals.

After 3 years of continuous innovation and development, Koja Shop’s product lines quickly become popular and are distributed and trusted by the most demanding customers. Because Korean ginseng has long been considered a method of promoting health for the body, providing the necessary nutrients to help improve beauty, spirit as well as healthy energy in daily activities. This step is the perfect launch pad for the birth of Koja Mart Trading Joint Stock Company, following the success and noble mission of the previous Koja Shop brand.

The guide to success is public health

Koja Mart works with the guideline towards building health for the community, improving the quality of life and spiritual life, helping people feel happier and happier.

No one can deny that health is the most precious gift of each person. Understanding that, Koja Mart constantly brings high-class products from Korea – acting as an effective assistant to care and improve comprehensive health for everyone.

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Trusted brand, quality products, dedicated service 2021

Koja Mart is not merely a distributor, a business, a brand in the market, above all, this is a place where customers can send the most humane messages about human health through the Premium Korean products.

Referring to Koja Mart, people immediately think of high-class health care products with natural sources of medicinal herbs, completely pure, carefully selected and undergoing rigorous quality inspection before being sold. to consumers. Thanks to that, the Koja Mart brand is growing stronger, establishing a foothold in the market and scoring points in the hearts of customers because of its prestige coupled with dedicated and attentive service.

KOJA MART’s special recipe for success

Right from the early days of establishing the brand, Koja Mart has set out a formula for its success:

Prioritizing public health: It is not difficult to see that Koja Mart’s products are all aimed at improving and protecting the health of each customer.

And to completely accomplish this, Koja Mart always focuses on the research and selection process of products from major professional partners under the advice of leading Korean experts – who have many years of experience. experience in the field of health and nutrition.

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KOJA MART team welcomes branch number 13 in Ha Giang

Customers are king: Koja Mart is constantly improving and improving the quality of customer care services, in order to bring them the best and most satisfying experiences.

Constantly innovating and improving quality: Creating a foothold in the market means that Koja Mart must always develop and improve the quality of products and services. Besides, listening and absorbing the suggestions and feedback of customers to overcome is also the way to help Koja Mart rise day by day.

Sustainable value in the hearts of customers

Whether in the past, present or future, Koja Mart always occupies a certain position in the hearts of customers. High-class products from Korea are likened to a quintessential gift of heaven and earth, always gathered at Koja Mart.

Here, you not only bring home satisfactory, safe and nutritious products. Above all, you are always warmly welcomed, respected and cared for with 5-star service.

Koja Mart . Trading Joint Stock Company

Head office: No. 456 Buoi Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City

Hotline: 0972.158.158 VND

Email: [email protected]



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