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The trick of “advertising real estate in one place, leading customers in another” has resurfaced after a time when it was thought to be forgotten

The starting point of this trick is easy to spot by the unusually cheap real estate listings, cheap like “can’t be ignored when skimming the listing”, compared to market prices in other areas. .

Sharing about this story, Mr. Le Quoc Kien, a consultant and veteran investor in the real estate market, said that recently, when the real estate market began to be illiquid, the trick was to “cheat real estate advertising”. a place, taking guests a different way” has resurfaced after a period of silence due to “revealing”.

Enough tricks to trap customers

According to Mr. Le Quoc Kien, the starting point of this trick is easy to spot because of the unusually cheap real estate ads, cheap like “can’t be ignored when skimming the advertisement”, compared to the price. markets in the regions.

For example: “Need money to settle down, so my family urgently moved to the front land of Nguyen Quy Canh, Thao Dien (old district 2) for 2.7 billion, an area of ​​80 m2, separate pink book, residential 100%. “, or “Due to a loss in business, I need to sell at a loss a piece of land of 105m2 residential in Hoang Huu Nam District 9 for 2 billion”. In it, the poster “shocked” the information, making the surfers unable to ignore it, like: “Thao Dien land in District 2 costs 2.7 billion VND for a single lot, only one lot…”

Thanks to this guise, sales staff/brokers attract investors to the meeting point, then introduce a new project and take it for a tour.

By the date and time of the appointment, when arriving at the meeting point, more than half of the guests will leave because they have discovered that the advertisement is false (when this trick first appeared, almost 90% of the guests boarded the bus, the number of tourists increasing day by day). The lower the number of passengers getting on the bus, the lower it is), but there are still remaining passengers who have already missed, so let’s just get on the bus and tell us.

The trick of

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On the bus and at the project, a lot of tricks and crowd effects (there are customers taking deposits continuously, customers buy most of the beautiful lots), discounts and discounts for only one day, lucky draws , psychological pressure, … make customers easily fall into the demand trap. That is, a “need to buy” naturally appeared without having time to find out in detail, but then returned home and did not understand why I made such a decision.

Mr. Kien, for example, is easy to imagine like when we go to the supermarket. Although there are no tricks or psychological pressures of this or that, but under the crowd effect and the display of goods in front of the eyes, often the actual purchase quantity is always higher than the expected purchase quantity. initial.

The fatal point when deciding to buy real estate without knowing before is “Being bought at a price much higher than the actual price”. For example, when determining from the beginning to buy land in District 2, District 9, we will learn about the preliminary price of the area, but when nature is brought down to a new land (Long Thanh, Binh Duong, Long An) almost completely do not know the actual price, but only know the price offered by the sales.

This veteran investor analyzes the trick: The key point that customers are easily persuaded to down the deposit is the argument: Only that day will the deposit be discounted, and if you think about it again, you will not want to buy anymore, it will be refunded. full deposit back. In fact, in addition to a few guests who have relationships, know the law, have time to go back and forth and are determined to make a big deal, there are not many guests left who can claim this money back.

“In case it is a real project, investors can still accept to buy the project if, after finding out, the price is reasonable and legal. However, there are also many brokerage companies with owners. The goal from the beginning is to entice customers to buy at a much higher price than the market price, or if the customer changes his mind, it will cause difficulties and it is almost impossible to get the deposit back, “said Mr. Kien.

The telltale signs

To avoid the above cases, Mr. Le Quoc Kien warned, investors need to be careful with the following signs.

Real estate for sale is unusually cheap compared to the market price

The phone number used to post a lot of other unusually cheap real estate

Do not send in advance real estate location, and legal documents (sovereignty, …) when requested.

The meeting point to see real estate is very crowded with 16-30-45-seat cars (currently because customers are increasingly cautious, there will be more 4-seat taxis for 2 sales with 2 guests on the car).

Visitors to the gathering place all read similar cheap real estate ads

Most of the sales staff are very young people 20-25 years old

The trick of

The destinations of the bus trips are land plot projects in the province, in the same direction as the cheap real estate advertised (For example, cheap real estate in District 9, the car goes to Long Thanh, Nhon Trach; cheap real estate In Hoc Mon, District 12, the car goes to Long An, Binh Duong; cheap real estate in Thu Duc, the car goes to Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc).

Sales staff always urge customers to deposit with 2 reasons: “Only that day will get a discount”, and “after returning, if you don’t want to buy anymore, you can refund 100% of the deposit” .

A lot of self-composed decoy effects “have customers to buy, close the stake, almost out of beautiful lots” continuously.

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