The truth about the controversial Mars-like red sky

The sky suddenly turned crimson, causing a stir among Chinese netizens. The incident appeared in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province, China. The discolored skyline caused panic among residents who recorded the phenomenon from their homes, balconies and streets.

The truth about the phenomenon of the red sky like Mars is controversial - Photo 1.
The sky is as red as Mars, controversial

Videos circulating on social media show the sky turning as red as Mars under a thick layer of fog. The red sky was most prominent from the port side, causing many to fear a large fire, which had spiraled out of control.

The most trending topic on Chinese social networks is the red sky, the video has attracted more than 150 million views and thousands of comments. “Accidents will happen”, “I think I should start stocking up on food”, “I’ve never seen the sky so red”, “Really amazing, the sky has turned a different red strange”… netizen commented.

However, experts were quick to give an explanation for the strange phenomenon, which rarely occurs in China. The sky turned bright red due to refraction and scattering of light, most likely from the lights of ships parked in the harbor.

During the harvest season of Pacific saury, many boats in the port. “When the weather conditions are good, there is a lot of water in the air that will form aerosols that refract and scatter the light from the fishing boat lights, thereby creating a red sky,” said a meteorologist. that people see”.

Historians have recently discovered documents dating back to 1770 from China, Korea and Japan, which show some people witnessing first-hand the sky turning an eerie red. The cause of the phenomenon at that time was due to the influence of geomagnetic storms.

However, experts said there was no abnormality in solar activity on the day of the red sky in Zhushan, China.

During the Carrington event of 1859, the most intense geomagnetic storm in history showed that electric currents in the atmosphere damaged electrical coils, causing paper to catch fire.

If a similar geomagnetic storm occurred today, it would damage power grids around the world, leaving millions of people without light or electricity.

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