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“Throw away the worry” about home appliances, sisters feel secure thanks to Viettel Construction

Modern women and countless “burdens”

Modern life gives women many opportunities to develop their career but at the same time makes them busy and have to shoulder more. Limited time requires careful calculation to maintain a balance between family, work and self-care. Even in an era of gender equality, which is greatly supported by technology, it is difficult for women to avoid constant stress and anxiety about housework with many arising problems that are not included in the calculation.

The most typical are problems related to technology, repair and maintenance of home appliances. This is often considered the part of “brothers” but in fact husbands are equally busy, not always present in time, or present but also not experienced enough, professional to to strictly deal with. Especially for families with people and single mothers, it is not strange to often have headaches with complicated and complicated machines, equipment. The need for a professional companion unit that can share the “care” of home devices seems to be a story that belongs to no one.

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Modern women need professional appliance repair and maintenance services to take care of the housework

“Throw away your worries” with a comprehensive home appliance care solution

Understanding these concerns, Viettel Construction Corporation (Viettel Construction), a member of the Military Industry and Telecommunications Group (Viettel), offers a professional home appliance maintenance solution – one of the The bright spot of the 5T ecosystem to meet all housing needs for customers.

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Viettel Construction’s 5T ecosystem

With more than 26 years of experience operating in many fields from telecommunications, information technology, renewable energy and electrical care services for homes and businesses, Viettel Construction is guaranteed to be a reputable operator. by many major customers and partners. From the potential and available resources, Viettel Construction will take care of all repair and maintenance needs in households with the provision of diverse services.

The first and most popular is the service of electrical equipment maintenance, replacement support, installation of components and repair of equipment in each house such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, water purifiers. ..

Next is the solar battery care service, in which the battery system will be monitored for performance, checked and cleaned to ensure efficient electricity production.

Finally, information technology services help handle problems related to LAN, laptops, printers or cameras… The variety of services provided by Viettel Construction will bring convenience to you. Ladies, now, every maintenance problem can be solved in one place with the heart and mind.

Accompanying the families throughout will be a team of well-trained and highly specialized technicians. The technician will propose a specific repair plan before performing it so that the woman can also take care of the condition of the device, and at the same time ensure the repair process takes place quickly and efficiently with extensive experience. his instructions.

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Viettel Construction’s services bring relaxation to women.

With comprehensive maintenance and repair services, Viettel Construction will be a companion, helping to reduce the “burden of worries” so that women can live peacefully and spend more time with self and family.

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