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Tips for dealing with broken glass shards

When the glass items in the house are broken, the small pieces will be thrown far away, becoming a safety risk for members, especially homes with young children.

In addition to this traditional method, you can use some of the following tips to deal with glass shards, especially the tiny pieces that are scattered all over the place.

Use fresh bread or potatoes

Even after you’ve swept or vacuumed, there will still be small pieces of glass that get caught in carpet fibers, floor crevices, or tight corners. To handle these effectively, you put on gloves, press a slice of fresh, soft bread over the area with a lot of shards of glass, then discard them. You can also cut a potato in half to reveal the flesh inside. Press the cut side of the potato against the small, crumbly piece of glass you see to make it easier to remove. Note that this potato needs to be thrown away immediately.

Use wet wipes/wet wipes

You fold a few sheets of paper towels or napkins, fold them into squares, add a little water to create moisture, then press on the surface strewn with glass chips. Note do not rub, rub on the background, the glass can pierce the fabric or paper, making you scratch your hand.

Use a lint roller

Lint rollers with sticky surfaces can be useful for collecting broken glass.


You put on gloves, wrap some tape around your hand, with the adhesive on the outside. Then, gently press the floor/carpet to clear up any remaining shards of glass.

Thuy Linh (According to The Spruce)

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