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Tons of butter were dumped in landfill despite skyrocketing food prices

Recently, a woman using a Facebook account named Jan De Lai, from the town of Atherton, Tablelands, Northern Queensland (Australia), posted photos and videos that made netizens “stand still and restless.” “. It shows a scene that anyone who looks at will regret: Thousands of avocados are dumped in landfills, while food prices are so high, people have no money to buy.

What created the adversity of avocados being dumped in landfills?

Sharing the photos, Jan De Lai wrote a few short but painful sentences: “The butter trucks are piling up in Atherton! Are they being used as fodder or for oil? Pity the farmers.”

The scene of

Jim Kochi, a local farmer, told the news channel Seven News that from about a decade ago, when cafes and restaurants began to buy a lot of avocado to make food and drinks, farm owners began to expand the scale of planting this tree.

However, with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, the purchase volume has decreased significantly. And now, when the avocado trees enter the “spring of color” to bear fruit, people no longer need them.

Mr. Jim Kochi said: “The avocado trees are starting to bear fruit. However, the cost to pack goods, including labor, money to buy packaging and transport is not worth it. So we have only option to dump.”

The scene of

After sharing the heartbreaking image on his Facebook page, 2GB radio host Ben Fordham also explained that it is cheaper for farmers to throw away avocados than it is to send them to stores to sell.

“Increasing labor and transportation costs mean that farmers can’t afford to pack and ship their goods. Throwing them away is the cheapest and easiest option.”he wrote.

Australians were also shocked to see images of tons of avocados being discarded. Especially as food prices soar across the country.

The scene of

Someone named Deena Currie wrote: “I can’t believe such a large amount of fruit was dumped… It’s heartbreaking to think of those who have to go hungry.”

Rachel Anne Bendelle wrote: “This happens all year round. In the summer it’s the strawberry’s turn to get dumped. We need to stop importing fresh produce from other countries and learn to eat what’s grown in season, available in the country. , like we used to do”.

Lisa Murden expressed her opinion: “This is what happens when farmers are forced to sign contracts with large supermarket chains to survive. Then the supermarket turns around suddenly, no longer importing goods.”

The scene of

Talking numbers”

Major Australian supermarkets predict food prices to rise by more than 12 per cent this year. Ben Gilbert, retail analyst at investment bank Jarden, said price increases at supermarkets will be large as inflation continues to soar.

Gilbert says: “The price increase will be significantly larger than we expected”. He also predicts sales at supermarkets will drop as they try to raise prices to keep up with increasingly expensive supplies.

The scene of

Data released last month showed that some grocery items at major Australian supermarkets had increased in price by as much as 94 per cent. Supermarkets admit they have been forced to pass the increased costs on to customers and warn that the situation will only get worse.

The supermarket chain Coles Supermarkets (Australia) has increased prices by more than 3.3% compared to March due to high costs of transportation, fuel, and prices of fresh meat and vegetables. The “giant” warned costs could rise even higher in the coming months.

Australia’s Woolworths supermarket group also warned 160 of the top 200 suppliers had raised prices. Suppliers are expected to ask for more over the next 12 months.

Nutritionists fear this situation will be detrimental to the health of Australians as families struggling to make a living have to switch to cheaper snacks.

A bunch of lettuce is currently $5.50, more than a $4 McDonald’s cheeseburger.

Economic analyst Shane Oliver of financial analysis site AMP said soaring prices and “stagnant” wages meant Australians were taking a pay cut.

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