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Using artificial intelligence to reduce marine accidents

According to a 2019 shipping and safety report, up to 75% of marine accidents are caused by human error. Against this backdrop, a startup called Seadronix aims to reduce these accidents through the introduction of artificial intelligence (WHO).

“We will build an AI-based berth monitoring and positioning system to help cargo ships navigate safely. The intelligent system also supports vehicles to safely berth in the port” – a representative of the company Seadronix said.

Seadronix’s AI-based jetty monitoring system also uses vision sensors and lidar depth sensing technology to help large ships dock. The AI-based ambient view monitoring system, which can be retrofitted to cargo ships, aids ships in navigational situations.

Using artificial intelligence to reduce maritime accidents - Photo 1.

AI-based dock navigation and monitoring system. Photo: Seadronix

In addition to AI, the system also needs a smart port with big data, internet of things and 5G technology to provide better security. In operation, the system helps to save more energy, by digitizing the giant ships entering the berth and handling logistics at the port.

Seadronix said that some smart ports in the world have adopted advanced technologies, such as the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the port of Hamburg in Germany or the port of Singapore.

Using artificial intelligence to reduce maritime accidents - Photo 2.

Seadronix AI-based jetty monitoring system. Photo: Seadronix

Seadronix’s customers currently include 4 ports in Korea (Incheon, Busan, Ulsan and Yeosu), the Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, etc. They are aiming to cooperate with shipbuilders, ship operators, and port operators. smart or harbor operators who want to digitize their operating processes.

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