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Vietnamese quiz: “Where can an VOI eat a VEHICLE?”

Vietnamese is a language rich in images, tones and has a variety of uses. But it is also because of this feature that Vietnamese is extremely difficult to learn for foreigners. Even Vietnamese, no matter how knowledgeable, sometimes have to give up on tricky questions.

Especially in the quizzes, there are so many different ways of setting the question and the direction of the answer, so it is not easy to solve all of them. Just changing the data of the problem is a difficult question. For example, with the brain hack question below:

“Where can an elephant eat a car?”.

  Vietnamese quiz: Where can an VOI eat a VEHICLE?  - Only very smart people can answer!  - Photo 1.

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Before this question, everyone has to be stuck because they can’t think of a place where a giant elephant can “eat” a car. However, this is a word puzzle question, so it is necessary to find the answer in a broader way of thinking than the usual meaning.

The answer to this question is: Chess table

  Vietnamese quiz: Where can an VOI eat a VEHICLE?  - Only very smart people can answer!  - Photo 2.

Chess is an entertainment that was introduced to Vietnam since ancient times. Chess originated in China. Currently, chess is considered the most developed chess genre in the world. With a series of competitions of different sizes and sizes around the world. In Vietnam, chess is also very popular and suitable for all ages.

The chessboard is divided into two areas with the same strength, the chessboard consists of 32 pieces. Each side consists of 16 pieces. Divided into 2 colors usually black and red. Although the names of the chess pieces on both sides are different, they still have the same value.

In the chessboard, Xe is considered one of the loyal gods of the General, who has a “strong martial arts” talent.

The rook moves and eats in a vertical or horizontal line just like the rook in chess. They start the move from the corner of the board. The rook is considered the strongest piece in Chess. With rooks, players can easily move them to chase away the opponent’s pieces, putting other pieces into a corner.

Therefore, this puzzle has used the word “xe” as a metaphor to talk about the rook on the chess board.

In addition to brain hacking about the deep meaning of the word “vehicle”, this puzzle also makes it difficult for many people to ask about “where will cause confusion to a certain place. Therefore, it is necessary to have Vietnamese proficiency to understand. Knowing the best life, analyzing all angles to answer this question. tra-loi-duoc-20220509161202581.chn

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