Vietnamese riddles cause brain hacking

With this Vietnamese question, it takes a lot of attention and thinking.

One of the effective ways to reduce stress is through quizzes. Through questions, players can both relieve stress and train their brain to reflect and think quickly.

In addition, this also helps us cultivate more fun and interesting knowledge. There are also Vietnamese quizzes that will certainly not be boring.

That’s why the old people have a saying: “Thunderstorm is not in Vietnamese grammar” really not wrong.

Recently, a quiz in the show Fast like lightning caused both players and spectators to hack their brains: “A man walks in the rain, his whole body is wet except for his hair. Why?”.

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Source: Lightning Fast

Before this question, many people will probably twist their minds to imagine why this man is so strange and difficult to understand? Normally, when walking in the rain, most people get wet, even their hair.

However, this man’s hair is not wet, why is there such a phenomenon?

After a few minutes of waiting, it didn’t make it difficult for players anymore, so the MC of the program immediately gave the answer. It’s because this man is bald.

Vietnamese riddles hack the brain, you're good at thinking to come up with the answer-2

Baldness is a condition in which hair loss is excessive and unbalanced, causing many patches of the scalp to be empty, smooth and unsightly. Baldness can occur in both men and women, but male pattern baldness is still higher.

Previously, baldness was most common in the 40s, but now this condition is showing signs of rejuvenation. There have been many cases of baldness at a very young age (30 years old), even 20, 25 years old.

That means the frequency of getting the disease increases with age. Because genetic factors play an important role in baldness, we see that there is a connection between family members.

So you see, to answer this question, you have to think very hard, if you think simply, you can’t come up with the answer.

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