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Vietnam’s top Opera vocalists gather in concert

Sparkling Night – Sparkling Night performed by the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet (VNOB) is an academic concert program inspired by romance such as the dance of fairies, the emotional chase of lovers, harmony. mixed with sadness because love sparkles through tears.

Artists rehearsing for the “Sparkling night” concert. Clip: VNOB

The concert will feature Vietnam’s top Opera vocalists, including Meritorious Artist Vanh Khuyen, Dao To Loan – who won the top prize at the International Opera Competition, Trinh Thanh Binh – the Grand Prize. Outstanding main vocal actors, Tran Trang, Bui Trang – Gold medals at the National Festival of Singing, Dance and Music in 2021 and artists such as Huy Duc, Anh Vu, Tung Lam, Huong Diep, and Thu Quynh all won high prizes at the event. professional music competitions.

In addition, the performance was led by conductor Dong Quang Vinh, and had the participation of VNOB Choir and Hanoi Voices International Choir. Coming to the music night, the audience will be immersed in the fragrance of Champane in Brindisi (La Traviata), the magical sound of Queen of the night (Queen of the night – The Magic Flute) or the sadness of Mimi and Rodolfo (La boheme); Humor, refreshing from Lagro al factotum (Barbiere de siviglia), or a torn mood, the desire to live, to love the life of Elucevan Le Stelle (Tosca)…

Vietnam's top Opera vocalists gather for the first time in a concert - Photo 2.

Top Vietnamese Opera artists participated in the program. Photo: VNOB.

Sparkling Night Concert – Sparkling Night brings together top Opera vocalists

Not only enjoying the arias in classic Opera works, the audience also comes to the love story of lovers madly in love, the misunderstandings that make the love go into a coma and then all are turned into reality. solved through the suite “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by composer Mendelssohn, with very familiar tunes in Wedding March, Scherzo, Intermezzo, Notturno,… With the talents of the VNOB Symphony Orchestra’s musicians, the audience will immerse themselves in a musical party with many emotions.

Talk about Sparkling Night – Sparkling Nightartist Phan Manh Duc, the show’s art director, said: “We hope Sparkling Night” will be an exciting comeback with high quality, to meet the expectations of audiences who love academic art in particular and the public in general. step by step bring symphony, opera and ballet closer to the audience, to gradually make this art line closer and more everyday“.

Vietnam's top Opera vocalists gather for the first time in a concert - Photo 3.

Sparkling Night – Sparkling Night will include 2 parts. Photo: VNOB.

Sparkling Night – Sparkling Night will be divided into 2 parts: The first part is a symphony-chorus program with the suite A Summer Night’s Dream -A Summer Night’s Dream; Part 2 is the world famous Romance and Aria with famous Opera vocalists of the Theater. The program also had the participation of Hanoi Voices International Choir.

It is known that VNOB’s artists are in the last days of practice, in the hope of giving art-loving audiences sublime nights at the Hanoi Opera House.

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