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What are the health benefits of apricots?

1. Improve digestive system health

Apricots have been shown to strengthen health intestinal tract. Because, apricots are rich in soluble fiber – a nutrient that is important for maintaining healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Furthermore, fiber slows down the movement of food through the digestive tract and provides beneficial bacteria to our gut.

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2. Enhance visual health

Apricots have many compounds essential for eye health, including vitamin A and vitamin E. Vitamin A plays an important role in preventing night blindness, a disorder caused by a lack of light pigments in the eyes. , while vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that directly enters our eyes to protect them from the damaging effects of free radicals.

3. Improve skin health

Vitamins A and C are abundant in apricots to help maintain soft and healthy skin. The antioxidants present in apricots can also slow down the aging process. Not only that, these substances will treat skin disorders such as eczema, rashes…. With anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects, apricots are the golden key to help dissipate toxins inside the body, the cause. main cause of pimples.

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4. Very good moisturizing ability

Apricots are naturally high in water, which can help regulate blood pressure, body temperature, joint health, and heart rate. Since most people don’t drink enough water, eating fresh fruit can help them meet their daily water requirements. What’s more, eating apricots can be an easy way to replenish both water and electrolytes lost after exercise, as the fruit provides an abundance of water and potassium.

5. Helps to lose weight

Apricots are a low-calorie fruit that would make a great addition to any diet. 100 grams of apricot contains 45 calories. The insoluble fiber present in apricots will keep your stomach full for a longer period of time and thus aid in weight loss.

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6. Relieve Constipation

Apricots contain a lot of fiber, which is good for the functioning of the digestive system. The fiber content in apricots helps stimulate the fluids in the stomach and digestive system, aiding in the absorption of nutrients. This is the reason, people with constipation are encouraged to eat apricots because it acts like a natural laxative.

7. Preventing Cancer

Apricots contain carotenoids and other antioxidant compounds that help prevent cancer. These antioxidants prevent free radical damage from entering the body and destroying cancer cells. Therefore, you should eat apricots regularly to protect yourself from cancer.

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